• Hello Clodagh, how are you doing? If I look back to parties here in the Czech for last 2 years I can see that you have been playing here quite regularly and I know that you like performing in the Czech republic and other countries of Eastern Europe. But could you tell me little bit more about the beginning of your DJ carrier, what was the first push towards Djing?

Hey! I’m good thanks. I moved to London in 1999, discovered the club scene and started DJing 2 years later in 2001. I really loved to dance and loved the music and loved the scene. I met my boyfriend at the time Nacho in 1999 and we both wanted to start making our own parties so we saved up and bought our decks, records and started making parties in our house first then in clubs. Making people dance and happy is the best feeling in the world.


  • Some people say that is always easier to break through for girl Dj. Would you agree? How difficult was it for you?

It doesn’t matter if you are a guy or a girl, it’s hard to break through as a Dj. I worked very hard and was very determined plus I just loved it. I practiced every day, made lots of mix demos, went to lots of parties and met promoters. I entered lots of Dj Competitions, played for free a lot and then over time I got a lot of lucky breaks.


  • How your DJ plans changed since the beginning and what are your plans for the future? What would be the ideal life for you?

My ideal life would to just have one job in music. I currently work 2 jobs and have most of my life. It’s exhausting working 2 jobs but that’s life, I have bills to pay etc. I would love to have more time for music production, learn to play some instruments the guitar and drums and basically have more me time to relax and exercise.


  • Do you see yourself to be DJing let´s say in 10-15 years? Or would you do anything else, or even if you never start DJing, what would you do now?

I would love to still be DJing in 10-15 years, playing wicked parties all over the world. But I would also love to be playing more LIVE stuff with instruments, creating something really different. If I never started Djing, I would still enjoy going out dancing, going to parties and festivals that will never change.


  • Loads of techno producers and DJs are slowing down and techno its self as well, according to some people. How do you personally see the evolution of dance (techno) music? What is coming and how Clodagh sounds in 2010?

Haha… yes we are all getting old and slowing down, techno too! Most of the original techno producers are now making minimal now but there are a lot of new producers making excellent pumping techno too. I still love pumping techno but I definitely play it a lot slower than I used to. Clodagh still sounds energetic and fun in 2010 but just a little bit slower!


  • It´s gonna be your 3 rd performance on Pig Fest and you always get very warm welcome from partypeople. Are you planning anything special for this year? How would you invite all the people to come to see you at Pig Fest?

I really really love playing at Pig Fest & a big thank you to the promoters for inviting me to play so often. Last year my sister and friend came with me to the PigFest festival and they couldn’t believe how great it was, they had so much fun. The Pig Fest party people are fantastic and I can’t wait to come back and play in August 7 th! Expect a lot of great music and a lot of hands in the air, lots of fun… just make sure you wear your dancing shoes because there will be lots of dancing going on! See you on the dance floor guys! Love Clodagh xx