They say “The Irish love to laugh & love to dance” & boy do I love to do both! Growing up in the countryside, Athlone, Co. Roscommon, the very centre of Ireland, I was big into Sport (Basketball, Football, Camogie) & Irish Dancing. You couldn’t get me off the dance floor at the local disco’s & later rock concerts! I was big into REM, RadioHead, Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins & Alanis Morrisette.

I became a Fitness Instructor in 1994 and so was constantly moving to music! I taught on average 10 classes (Aerobics, Step, Body Sculpt, Spin etc) a week for 11 years! I always played the best tunes in my classes so I had all these mothers jumping around to pumping house & techno music! It was very funny, I secretly think they’re all big ravers!

It wasn’t until I moved to London in 1999 that I discovered the club scene, when my sisters took me to some warehouse parties and then I thought “Wow, this is what I’ve been missing all my life!

I was hooked… on the music, the vibe, the atmosphere & just dancing all night long on the dance floor! Being a regular at the Pendragon Trance parties & Free Party Techno Scene! Which was great as I never really ever had much money. I really really really LOVE to dance, it’s so much fun & a great way to let your hair down! I get so much energy from music.

I often thought about Dj’in so 3 years later, after returning from travelling in 2001, my Spanish boyfriend at the time Nacho & I kept our promise, saved up & bought our first set of decks. Two weeks later we threw our first house party & “SPIRITUALISED” was born… always noted for its wicked decoration & amazingly friendly/fun atmosphere with the best trance & techno in the main room & house music in the second room!

I’m very open minded when it comes to music, my style varies from Electronic to Funky Tech House, Electro to Pumping Techno.. I also like Trance, D’n’B, Rock, Indie, Pop, Chill Out... Basically I love anything good that makes me move!

Dj’s that have really inspired me are…

* Mr.C - such a great guy & friend since meeting on the Joy of Decks TV Show in 2003. What a Dude!

* Jeff Amadeus - incredible skillful Dj.

* James Zabiela – he is light years ahead of other Djs.

* Chris & Aaron Liberator & DAVE the Drummer - I probably would never have discovered Techno without them, big RESPECT!

*And of course the man himself, my hero… Carl Cox, he just radiates good energy.

I’ve been really lucky and won quiet a few Dj Competitions…

* In 2002 I won the Cyberdog Trance Dj Competition (I’d only been mixing 8 months!)

* In 2004 I won Trevor Rockcliffe’s Stomp Techno Competition &

* The Ascension Awards National House Dj Competition where my prize was to play at the famous WMF Club, Berlin.

* In 2003 I was chosen in the final 4 out of 300 for the 6 part ITV docu-series


The idea of the show was to turn 4 up & coming Dj’s into professional DJ’s.

In the first show there was 8 Dj’s who played infront of the 4 mentors… Mr.C, Roni Size, Sister Bliss & Tom Middleton. Each Mentor chose one person as their apprentice & Sister Bliss from Faithless picked me! I got to play at Bora Bora in Ibiza, Turnmills in London, Shindig in New Castle & Nation in Liverpool.

I made my first track in a studio, “Oiche Mhaith (Good Night)” … Irish Tribal House.

Got a Dj lesson from James Zabiela (no.13 Dj in the world, this guy is amazing!)

Best of all I got emails from Misstress Barbara & the man himself Carl Cox giving me advice for the final which was held in Liverpool at Nation. I played & rocked 1,000 people! I achieved my goal of playing 3 decks, scratching, used samples on a Cdj & effects! Played my heart out & had a load of fun!! It was an amazing experience & achievement for me, as I’d only been Dj’in 2 years!!!

Check out

But my biggest achievement to date was been asked personally by my hero Carl Cox to warm up for him on tour in France in May 2005! I got to play to crowds of up to 4,000 people at the amazing “Carl Cox & Friends” parties in Paris & Strasbourg. Rocked the crowd in between Sasha & Carl Cox at the “Inox3 Electronic Music Festival” in Toulouse and warmed up for Carl at the famous VIP room at the Cannes Film Festival. We started the tour in my home country Ireland, at the Redbox, Dublin on 1 st May followed by 6 gigs all over France. This was a truly amazing experience & I learned so much from Carl, he is what every Dj should be! Check out

I was also invited to played after the no.1 Dj in the world at the time “Tiesto” at the “Autumn Electronic Festival” in Toulouse in September 2005. So far I’ve rocked crowds in Germany, Ibiza and headlined gigs in Japan, Brazil, UK, France, Poland, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Italy, Tunisia, Algeria & Morocco. In 2005 I got my first overseas residency in Tunisia plus completed a 3 week tour of Brazil in April 2006!

I’m also the first female Dj to ever play in Algeria!

So where to next??… I’m really excited about the future, there’s so much I want to continue learning. I’ve already completed a few short music production courses. I want keep working on trying to keep my sets as interesting & creative as possible. I want to continue to play all over the world!

For me a Dj should be an entertainer, letting their personalities come through their music & having only one thing in mind & that is to rock the crowd! Making people dance & have a lot of fun!

The best advice given to me is when you Dj just play your best kick ass tunes and have a lot of fun, because when you have fun the people have fun with you!!

Yep, the future looks bright!

Clodagh has played along side… Carl Cox, Tiesto, Sasha, Mr.C, Sister Bliss, Roni Size, Tom Middleton, Hernan Cantanno, Trevor Rockcliffe, Dj Misjah, Ignition Technician, Misstress Barbara, Chris & Aaron Liberator, DAVE the Drummer, Luke Slater, Eddie Halliwell, Pet Duo, Joris Voorn, Stacey Pullen, Anderson Noise, Erol Alkan, Headman, Audio Bullys, Tall Paul, Inigo Kennedy, Christian Smith, Ade Fenton, Christian Fischer, Stanton Warriors & Express 2.

“She’s got Carl Cox potential”… Mr. C

“A wicked Dj!” … Roy the Roach (Trust the Dj)

“Best warm up Dj we’ve had at STOMP!”… Trevor Rockcliffe

“Clodagh is the definition of party animal when she gets behind the decks”… Sister Bliss


*Mechanized - Ali Wilson & Dj Clodagh (Tekelec 018) 2007
*Scream - Ali Wilson & Dj Clodagh (Tekelec 018) 2007
*Saw - Ali Wilson & Dj Clodagh (Tekelec) 2007
*Tramyard Vibes - Rhythm Technologies & Dj Clodagh (Kick The Drum 008) 2007
*Electro Static - Rhythm Technologies & Dj Clodagh (Tech Art) 2007

CLUBS I've played at....


Turnmills – London

Telegraph – London

Spotted Dog - London

SouthSide Bar – London

Soundshaft - London

Se1 – London

Rhythm Factory - London

River Bar – London

Queen Mary Boat – London

Macbeth - London

Miyuki Maru Boat - London

Medusa Club - London

Club Q - London

Factory - London

Wildcats - London

Purple Turtle – London

Pheonix Bar – London

Music Village – London

Mass - London

Landseer Park – London

Kinetec Record Shop - Oxfrod St, London

Kinterc Record Shop - Hackney,London

Jamm - London

Jacks - London

Hidden – London

Heaven – London

George 4 – London

Fridge – London

Fridge Bar - London

Fortress Studios – London

Fire - London

Electrowerkz – London

Egg – London

Dukes – London

Dance Industry Studios – London

Courts - London

Co-Op - London

Cafe 1001 - London

Cyberdog – London

Cable - London

Etrusco Bar - London

Annexo Bar - London

Aquarium - London

414 - London

& many many warehouses! - London

Klute - Bournemouth

Sankeys – Manchester

Shindig - Newcastle

Nation - Liverpool

Phase Record Shop - Liverpool

The Volks - Brighton

Hendre Hall - Bagnor - North Wales



The Front Page - Belfast

Annaghtek - Belfast



Zenith – Paris

Le Rhenus – Strasbourg

Villa Rouge – Montpellier

La Dune – Toulouse

Bazar – Marseille

Le Gem - Marseille

VIP Room – Cannes



Troop Cafe - Kobe, Osaka

Duce - Sapporo, Hokkaido

Club Amrax - Tokyo - Tokyo



Cyberdog - Sao Paulo

Combat Club - Jaragua do Sul

Groove Channel, AIMEC - Curitiba

Euforia Bar - Curitiba

Pesque Floresta - Foz do Iguacu

Sieben - Vinhedo



Paragraph 51 – Warsaw

Club Ego – Katwoice

Mega Club - Kawoice

Club Iskra – Swidnik

Crossed – Szczenin

Arena - Szczenin

Intro – Wroclaw

Browar Mieszczanski - Wroclaw

Andromeda Cinema - Tychy

Archiwum - Lublin

Birbant Club - Lublin

Obsesja - Lublin

Sfinks - Sopot



Crawdaddys – Dublin

Redbox – Dublin

The Vaults - Dublin

Radio City – Dublin

Frazers Basement - Dublin

Trinity Rooms - Limerick

The Basement - Limerick

Simonstown GFC - Navan

An Pucan - Galway

The Cellar - Galway

Roundwood House - Laois

River Run Boat - Athlone

Upstairs @ The Malt House - Athlone

Gertie Browns - Athlone

Club Viva - Athlone

Ozone - Athlone

Charlie Browns Bar - Athlone

The Spiral Tree - Longford



Festivalna Hall - Sofia

Hristo Botev Hall - Sofia

Black Box - Sofia

Lifehouse - Sofia

Party Center 4KM - Sofia

Playground - Sofia

Fabrica 126 - Sofia

Comics Club - Varna

Open Air - Stara Zagoa

Mladost Hall - Varna



Saloon – Sousse

Maracana – Sousse



Pasha Club - Algers

Sheraton Hotel - Oran



Palais Jad Mahal - Marrakech



BoraBora – Playa Den Bossa

Orange Corner - San Antonio

Guilt Villa - San Rafael



WMF Club – Berlin



Excalibur Club - Velke Mezirici

Boby Centrum - Brno

Perpetuum - Brno

7 Nebe - Brno

Tovarni Hala - Brno

Exit Club - Brno

Club KD Peklo -Plzen

Garage KD Inwest - Plzen

Tipsport Arena - Liberec

A-Klub - Liberec

Bar Marek - Liberec

Exit Fort - Olomouc

S-Cube - Olomouc

Airport Open Air - Rokycany

KS Burovce - Topolna

Fabric - Ostrava

Cover Place - Prague



Club Pulso - Nitra

Club Dopler - Bratislava

Airport Festival - Trencin

Ocean Club - Leopoldov

Sportova Hala - Ruzomberok



The Cube - Pula



Cafe 3B - Trondheim



Svaj Klubb / K2 Bar - Stockholm

Roda Stein - Gothenberg

Kulturhuset Underjorden - Gothenberg



Club Campus - Badalona

Barrancoseco - Las Palmas, Gran Canaria

Active Sound Radio - Gran Canaria

Abandoned Village - Tenerife



Alis Club - Vicenza