1. Your last visit in Slovakia was on magic date 12.12.2008. How did you remember the overcrowded Ocean club in Leopoldov?

Oh yes I remember this party, it was great, a really nice surprise. The club was full and the crowd were excellent. I also remember the promoter did a very sweet thing and made a really big sunflower for me. It was a really great party!

2. On the action will be presented our national representatives of techno scene next to you. Do you register our Dj and producer as Boss or Sepromatiq, particularly their production?

Yes I remember Boss. I’ve played with him a few times now & always really enjoy his style & music. I see I will play with him again on 30 th April at the Neuclon party, it’s going to be great!

3. Do not you want to actively start make your own production?

Oh yes I really dream about making my own tracks. I have co-produced some tracks with the fantastic Ali Wilson, Henry Cullen and Rhythm Technologies. I really need to focus more on music production this year, unfortunately this requires a lot of time which is a problem in my life.

4. Scary word crisis! How has this phenomenon affected your life, gigs and behaviour?

Ah the recession… I know this has been a bad time for many people losing their jobs & businesses but I actually have been very lucky so far. I have a full time job and I Dj at the weekends. Of course my Dj gigs have decreased during this time but things are starting to look better now. All the parties I’ve played have been great, I know people don’t have as much money to spend as they used to but when people do go out they really enjoy themselves.


5. We like your new web site, especially the graphic and using of photos. Recently, still more and more people are attending social channels like facebook or twitter. How do you perceive these social networks for example with the presentation of your activities?

Thanks very much, I’m really proud of my new website it took a long time to design and is very personal to me, my web designer Warb really understood what I wanted and did an excellent job. As a Dj the social networking sites Facebook, Twitter & MySpace are all great to promote yourself and best of all they are free. If a Dj doesn’t have a website I’d recommend them to get a Facebook & MySpace page.

6. You have a varied list of countries, which you visited. I personally was impressed exotic Japan. What's your experience and knowledge from there?

I have been really lucky and played all over the world from Algeria to Brazil, Sweden, Norway, France, Tunisia, Morocco, Spain, Ibiza, Bulgaria, France, Italy, Croatia, Poland, Czech Republic etc and of course Slovakia! Japan was incredible. I found it fascinating and I loved Tokyo, it was very very cool! I really enjoyed Djing there too because the sound & equipment in the clubs were fantastic. The sound was sooooo good and the crowds were excellent! The promoter Tomy looked after me so well… oh and the food was amazing!

7. Trace depth to your privacy: In our neighbouring Czech republic has grown to two famous techno DJanes belly and it was not from eating food...  :-) So what Clodagh and offspring or family? :-)

Haha… no way… not yet! Me and babies aren’t a good combination. But I hope to one day have a family of course but right now I’d prefer to have a puppy than a baby.

8. Summer is knocking at the door. Do you have some interesting offers for summer festivals? Or can you recommend us some festivals, which you want to visit?

I love summer because there are so many nice festivals to go to. I am going to play the Pigfest festival in August in Czech Republic. I am thinking of going to the Burning Man festival in the Nevada Desert in America in September. I’ve wanted to go for many years. A friend of mine went last year & really wants me to go with her this year. There are many cool festivals in the UK and lots of small free festivals in London this summer so I will go to as many as I can.

Volcano in Iceland cooled down, so we believe, that nothing avoid you to visit our small-sized Slovakia and we spin the party properly. We are looking forward to you!


Thanks very much, I can’t wait to come back to Slovakia again, it’s been too long! See you soon! Clodagh