The Best of 2011 -

Looking back over 2011… I think this was the fastest year of my life… it just seemed to fly by. Although January did not get off to a good start, I got some sort of virus and man was I ill… I very rarely get ill but it took me until March to start feeling strong again… so sadly not much music was happening in Jan & Feb 2011. In March I got to play in Czech Republic at the very cool Pigfest party in Plzen, it was held in an underground car park & felt like a proper underground techno party.

April was a super cool month as I had a mini tour in Bulgaria and I challenged myself to play a 5 hour set in Sofia on 22 nd April and a 5 hour set in Varna on 23 rd April. 10 hours mixing in 2 days! And I did it… amazing… Bulgaria rocks big time! J

How can we ever forget the devastation that happened in Japan… I remember looking at the images on the TV and internet and like everyone else couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I’ve played in Japan and it was an unforgettable experience. The people were amazing, so when my Japanese friend Tomy asked me to play at her fundraising party in London in May I just jumped at the chance.

Summer 2011 was pretty good I must say. I went to the absolutely fabulous Glastonbury festival with my good buddy Brian and it was Ammmmazziinng! Three full days being lost in music… the highlights were getting to see U2, Elbow, The Joy Formidable, Biffy Cliro, Beardyman, Ke$ha, Dreadzone… the list goes on and on. It was just such a great fun festival. I also went on a wicked adventure holiday to Turkey… it was brilliant. At the end of the summer my buddy Thermobee asked me to play on internet radio at my favourite record shop… Kinetec Records… Oooh the memories of this shop! Bought my very first vinyl there… plus hundreds more! It was cool to be djing there.

September and October were very busy months for me with a series of really excellent gigs. It started with a very cool gig in London playing for the underground Secret House party… very very nice crowd and wicked party. Then I played in Czech twice in the same week, the Friday night I played in Liberec at Lukas’s 30th birthday party… man this party was sooo much fun. We danced till all hours of the morning and then I ended up at some afterparty, played a few tunes there and then crashed… really fun people! Then on the Tuesday night I played in Olomouc at the Bubbles Comeback party in Olomouc… I think this was literally the hottest party I’ve ever played at… Man was it hot… but so much fun… another crazy crowd… another crazy party… Czech totally rocks! Plus I had time to look around the very beautiful city of Olomouc the next day… stunning!

October was a special month as I celebrated my birthday and my 10 year Dj Anniversary and where better to celebrate it than Bulgaria… yeeeaaah! I had planned to play a 5hour set 12am-5am. When I walked into the club at 11.30pm there were about 5 people in there… I was like “Oh no!” but by 12 the place was packed!! And it stayed packed all night… infact I had to play an extra hour because at 5am the place was still jumping… so after 6 hours of mixing I stopped and was probably the happiest girl in the world at that time! I will never ever forget this party!

In October I also played in Slovakia at a very nice party called Techno Up 5 in Ruzomberok. Really nice party people! I also played at my favourite London party... Ultraplay’s 6 th Birthday and Halloween Special party @ Café 1001… It was a frickin great party… rocking!

I finished 2011 playing two cool parties in London at Zoology’s 10 th Birthday and Smash Techno… both very different but cool parties. Finally the best party of 2011 was getting a puppy for Christmas… best Christmas present ever… I’m a total animal lover and dogs especially melt my heart. Growing up my family had a lot of dogs but the last few years I’ve been really longing for a dog and in walks Buzz into my life… a tiny 4 month old Jack Russell terrier… the cutest thing ever… bless him. He’s is all kisses and cuddles and makes me so happy.

For me 2011 was pretty good, I played at some really amazing unforgettable parties met some pretty incredible people and started working on a really exciting project which will hopefully be revealed later in 2012. Big thank you to everyone who danced, jumped, screamed, loved and encouraged… 10 years is a long time and it’s always the people and the music that keep me going. So guys lets keep the techno party vibe alive big time in 2012… see you on a dancefloor soon and thanks again!

Love Clodagh xx

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