For the whole 4 days I was in Japan I just kept saying to myself… “I can’t believe I’m in Japan!” I was both excited & terrified, excited about going to a new country & experiencing a new culture & terrified because I really wanted to play well.

I arrived in Tokyo after my nice 12hour direct flight (yeah!) which was only half full so I had loads of space. Dj Daiki one of the Fiercesounds crew picked me up from the airport & brought me to a very interesting hotel to get about 2 hours sleep before catching the bullet train to Kobe Osaka where I would play my first gig!

On the train we met with Dj Mayuri, Japan’s top female Techno Dj who’s been Djing for 18 years and also runs a really successful Electronic music festival called ”metamorphase”.

The first thing that hit me when I got to the Troop café, the club where I would play, was the sound… it was GREAT! The club was small but cosy & the sound & equipment were great! We then went for dinner… OH MY GOD… the food was amazing…! Definitely my favourite food in the world now… fantastic!

Dj Daiki warmed up the party nicely, then it was my turn… eventhough there wasn’t many people at the start of my set, by the end of my set the club had filled up nicely & the crowd were rocking out to techno. Next up was Mayuri who played a wicked funky techno set.

I was pretty exhausted and needed my bed… zzzzzz

The next morning before catching the bullet train back to Tokyo, we went to this tiny local Japanese noodle bar & had some more amazing food. I slept most of the way on the train & woke up just in time to see Mount Fuji which looked really cool… covered in snow.

A really good Irish friend of mine Cathy from Belfast, moved to Tokyo 3 months earlier to teach English, so I couldn’t wait to meet up with her at the party in Tokyo. I met Cathy at a squat party in deepest darkest Hackney in London about 7 years ago, so when we finally met at the party… we were laughing saying we couldn’t believe we’re at a techno party in Tokyo!

Anyway the Fiercesounds party in Tokyo was AMAZING!!! Again it was a small club, but it was perfect… small bar upstairs playing nice house music & then downstairs into the basement was the perfect techno dancefloor which held about 200 people. It was dark… it was hot… & the sound was perfect! Yeah, this is my kind of place.

Again Dj Daiki warmed up the crowd great. The dancefloor was packed & the atmosphere was amazing. I couldn’t wait to get on the decks, and I promise you I loved every minute of my 90 min set. The sound was so great & the equipment was so great & the party people were so great, I just got completely lost in the music & lost in the atmosphere of the party & it was just totally rocking. I will never forget this party… definitely one of my favourites this year & maybe ever! So special! Plus it was extra special having Cathy there... dancing away, plus I so wanted to play well for Tomy the promoter after she brought me all the way to Japan to play at her party… I wanted to rock the party & that I did… I was soooo happy. Honestly playing an amazing gig… for Me, nothing can beat that feeling of happiness.

Dj Mayuri played next & also rocked the party & Dj Keni finished the night off great.

The next day night Cathy, Daiki & I went to check out the famous “Womb” club in Tokyo. I really liked it… again it was smallish, dark with a warehouse feel & again the sound was amazing. It was a house night & we met some fun people there.

The next day I met with Tomy (Tomoka) & we went shopping in Shibuya, the main shopping area of Tokyo, then later met with Cathy & Daiki & went for some sushi! In the evening me & cathy went to the Park Hyatt Hotel to the famous bar on 52 nd floor where a scene from “Lost in Translation” was filmed, it was night & the view was breathtaking… To see Tokyo by night is a real WOW! So beautiful with all the lights & even prettier with all the Christmas lights.

Afterwards we met with the Fiercesounds Crew for some Korean food… more fantastic food.

Next day it was time for me to leave Japan. I had such an amazing time & I have never been looked after so well by any promoter. Big huge thanks to the Fiercesounds Crew for everything, especially Tomy & Daiki, the Fiercesounds party is totally rocking & a really professional techno party.

Thanks so much & I can’t wait to come back again sometime!