Japan Tour - 1st - 4th March 2013

I was so happy when Tomy the promoter of Fiercesounds party in Tokyo invited me to play at the 6th Anniversary of her party. I played at her party in December 2008 and it was such a fantastic night, I remember the crowd and the soundsystem being amazing. I was extremely happy when I was told that I would also play a party in the north of Japan on the island of Hokkaido and LIVE from Tokyo on the internet on dommune.com. It would be a crazy trip, 3 gigs in 4 days plus 2 days of traveling! Hmmm better get some sleep before i go! 

My first gig in Japan was at a party called "3rd Party" in Sapporo, Hokkaido. Sapporo is famous for it skiing etc... and with skiing of course comes snow and i was warmed to dress warm as it was very cold there -10! The day before i left London I got a phone call from a worried Tomy saying there was a heavy snow fall due in Sapporo on the Saturday which was the day i was to fly back to Tokyo for my Fiercesounds gigs. My plan was to fly London to Tokyo and Tokyo to Sapporo. I was to check my email in Tokyo to get the OK if i should fly to Sapporo. So after my 12 hour flight I land in Tokyo and check my email while waiting for my luggage. Pheew.... i got the ok to fly to Sapporo which i was delighted with as i really wanted to play this party. Yeah! So after a 3 hour wait in Tokyo i was on the plane to Sapporo. Guess what... my flight had to fly around for 2 more hours before we could land due to the snow... i was like... oh dear... i can't even see the runway... white everywhere... oops, i hope i can get back to Tokyo tomorrow! Anyway after finally landing in Sapporo I was met by the very friendly Kazu & Chii the promoters of 3rd party. "Are you hungry, what would you like to eat??" "Ummm i've been dreaming about Japanese food since my last visit, I loved everything!!" So they brought me to a very nice Sushi resturant and man was the sushi good and the miso soup and basically everything. Yum! Ok, next to the hotel. By the time i got to my hotel in Sapporo i had been traveling for 25 hours!!! I felt ill. luckily i had time for a 2 hour sleep then had to get ready and go to the party. I couldn't get over the mountains of ice and snow on the sides of the streets... crazy! and the amounts of ice on the roads...! yikes! anyway we got to the Duce club, it was nice and small with 2 rooms everyone was really nice and the soundsystem was kicking. I couldn't wait to get on the decks. The coolest thing was the crowd was there were more girls than guys... yeah... finally more girls than guys at a techno party! That's a first! Anyway the party rocked and the crowd rocked... Yeah! Thanks Kazu & Chii! Ok so back to the hotel soon after my set as my afternoon 2pm flight had been changed to an 8am flight in order to miss the snow storm! So i got back to my hotel, packed my bag and got picked up to go to the airport again. 

On the way to the airport I was praying it wouldn't snow... the minute we arrived at the airport the snow came dumping down... Kazu reassured me that this was normal and not to worry. Luckily my flight took off and back to Tokyo I went. Bye bye Sapporo... it was fun! :) I was so relieved when i got to Tokyo and got picked up by Yugo and his lovely girlfriend. I felt sooooo exhausted and needed my bed. The sun was shining in Tokyo and the city looked great. My hotel was fab and i managed to get 4 solid hours of sleep before i had to get up and prepare for my Fiercesounds gig! I met the very relieved Tomy for dinner for more yummie Japanese food then headed to the club to celebrate 6 years of parties with Tomy and the Fiercesounds crew. The Amate Raxi club is small, again with 2 rooms, but it's perfect for a techno party. The lovely Daiki played a great set before me. Then it was my turn... It was wicked, i really enjoyed playing, it was just as much fun as in 2008. When Daiki came up and asked if i could play a bit longer i was like... "Yeeeaaahhh!, of course!!" so much fun... loved it! And again i must mention how lovely the Japanese people are, sooo nice & friendly. After me the wicked Dj Keni played an awesome set and even managed to catch a bit of Dj Yugo's set upstairs which was very nice too. All in all a wicked night! 

The next morning i went back to my hotel, exhausted but wide awake... and could i sleep??? of course not... so i got up and went for breakfast and went for a walk around Shibuya, the main shopping district in central Tokyo. After a few hours i stumbled back to the hotel and slept like a baby. Sunday night plan was to go for dinner with Tomy and the Fiercesounds crew. They took me for Shabu Shabu... and it was incredible... the best food i've ever tasted and so healthy too! Delicious. 

On the Monday I arranged to meet an old friend Cathy from Belfast. We met in London many years ago at a techno party, then she moved to live in Japan 3 months before my first gig in 2008, where we met and partied again. Cathy now lives in America but just happened to be back in Tokyo for a wedding the same week as my trip!! So funny how things work out. It was soo cool seeing her again! You rock Cathy. Afterwards i met Tomy again who brought me to a really lovely wishing temple in a beautiful park in central Tokyo. I love spiritual places and made plenty of wishes here... lets see if they come true. Tomy then brought me to Salon Deapres to get my hair done. So nice to be pampered and thank you to the lovely manager for doing my hair! 

Then back to the hotel and get ready for my gig at dommune.com. Dommune is a wicked studio where Djs go to play and it's broadcast LIVE on the internet. We got to the studio at 8.30pm and the Fiercesounds show started at 9pm, Dj Keni was up first who played a wicked set, next up was the awesome Dj Daiki and then finally it was my turn. I did feel nervous but soon got into it and loved it. It was also the camera man's birthday so that was cool. Over 11,000 people tuned in to the show that evening, and about 7,000 for the Fiercesounds show. Very cool! After the show I had to go back to the hotel, pack my bags and get picked up at 4am to go back to the airport to catch my flight back to London!

All in all my mini trip of Japan was amazing... sooo much traveling, about four hours sleep a day, lots of amazing food, 3 amazing parties, so many great people! Huge big thank you to Tomy, Daiki, Keni, Momo, Yugo, the staff at Salon Deapres, Kazu and Chii! Thanks for another amazing unforgetable trip. Until next time... xx