30th September 2019

Whoo hoo... can you believe I've been running my party MOOVE for 4 years now... So many wonderful parties, memories, music, dancing & people! To celebrate I'm running my last MOOVE boat party of 2019 on Friday 18th October which will also be my own birthday celebration party. I'm deighted to have Dj's David H, Simon Healion, Kenny Tynan & Dj Pink Panther on the decks alongside myself for a big 3 hour celebration on the brilliant River Run Cruiser. We will also have a special LED dance performance by The Magician! The boat will leave infront of Athlone Castle at 8pm sharp and will return at 11pm. Full bar on board... tickets only 20 euro... All money raised will go to the Mektub Shelter & MAA - Morocco Animal Aid the great dog & cat rescue I volunteered at during the summer! Everyone over 21 welcome! Also there will be short card readings by the wonderful Laura B Tarot available for only 10euro.

See you there! Love Clodagh :) x

14th June 2019

Well what can I say Bulgaria... you were absolutely amazing... what a weekend, just like old times! An incredible gig on Fri 31st May in Fabrica 126 with the hardcore Sofia warrior ravers and then another incredible gig in Varna on Sat 1st June. It was so cool to be back in Varna again after 8 years and the Rubic Art and Music centre reminded me of a mini Comics club and seeing lots of the old skool ravers there killing it on the dancefloor was extra cool! Big huge thank you to everyone who came to both parties and to Korio and the brilliant Stamina Crew who made it all happen! Yeeeoooowwww!! Until next time Bulgaria!! xx

Also I had a brilliant weekend last weekend playing at my friends Niall & Charlie's outdoor festival themed wedding & my friend Ollie's birthday party in beautiful Cork... what an absolutely amazing weekend!! So much fun!

I'm taking a few weeks off now until August... So see you then!

Luv Clodagh xx

29th May 2019

Nearly there Bulgaria... 2 days to go until my gig in at Fabrica 126 in Sofia on Friday 31st & then I go back to Varna after many many years on Sat 1st June and play at the Rubic Art & Music... see you on the dancefloor! Clodagh xx

3rd May 2019

Hey Everyone... So excited to announce that I am going back to play in my beloved Bulgaria on Fri 31st May in Sofia & Sat 1st June in Varna! Bulgaria has always been close to my heart playing lots of amazing gigs over the years... I can't wait to go back! SO dust off your techno dancing shoes... because I'm coming to get you with a bag full of techno vinyl old skool bombs!! See you sooooooooon, Clodagh xx

30th March 2019

Wow! Thank you so much to everyone who came and danced & supported our first MOOVE Boat Party of 2019 last week. Big shout out to the brilliant MOOVE DJs Simon, David, Kenny & Colleen (who had her first DJ gig ever) ... ye all played brilliantly and together we raised an amazing 416 euro for MAA - Morocco Animal Aid who are very greatful! Some people who couldn't attend the boat party even bought a ticket to support the fundraiser which was so kind... thank you everyone... One Love... Clodagh xx

5th March 2019

I know it's a bit late but Happy New Year guys!

I had an amazing start to 2019 playing at a rave party in an abandoned village in Tenerife... it was so cool to be playing with my good friend DJ Guanche to some amazing party people until the sun came up! What a location and start to the year. I then got to play on my friend's online radio show Active Sound Radio in Gran Canaria which was really cool. Then I spent 5 days in Morocco volunteering at my friend Lucy's animal rescue called MAA - Morocco Animal Aid. I was in heaven surrounded by over 80 dogs & cats. They do such great work there.

In February I got to play at Charlie Brown's Bar for Rag week, I remember playing here last year and it was amazing... and this year didn't disappoint again... Thank you to everyone who danced!

Next up is MOOVE's first boat party of 2019 which I've decided to do in aid of MAA - Morocco Animal Aid! So please join myself, David H, Simon Healion and Kenny Tynan on Friday 22nd March for a big 3 hour celebration on the brilliant River Run Cruiser. We will also have a special LED dance performance by The Magician! The boat will leave infront of Athlone Castle at 8pm sharp and will return at 11pm. Full bar on board... tickets only 20 euro... Everyone over 21 welcome! Also there will be short card readings by the wonderful Laura B Tarot available for only 10euro. Please contact the MOOVE Facebook page for tickets! Can't wait to play this.

I just made a new Dj mix, you can find the link on my music page! Enjoy!

Also I just needed to say how sad I was to hear about the passing of Keith Flint from The Prodigy. I am a big fan of their music & was lucky enough to see them live 3 times, the last time being just 5 months ago in Ireland... Keith was always a ball of energy... Rock on, may you rest in peace.

That's all my news for now...

Check back for more news soon, Luv Clodagh x

24th December 2018

Happy Christmas everyone! I hope you all have a wonderful day tomorrow with family & friends.

Thank you to everyone who came to my Dj gigs & MOOVE parties in 2018, danced and helped create fun memories! See you again in 2019 for some more good times and pumping music!

All the best! Clodagh xx

13th August 2018


Big thank you to everyone who came to my beginner DJ Workshop in Longford and to the big MOOVE party in the main room of the Spiral Tree on Saturday 28th July during the Cruthu Arts Festival! What a day & night... so much fun! The club was roasting... & jumping! Thank you!

Next up is MOOVE's 3rd Birthday and our final boat party of 2018 this Friday 17th August! Come join myself, David Harrington, Simon Healion, Kenny Tynan & our special guest Dj all the way from Gran Canaria... Guanche! rock the party for 3 hours! We will also have the amazing LED dance performer The Magician spreading her magic as usual! The River Run boat will leave infront of Athlone Castle at 8:30pm sharp, retuning at 11:30pm. Tickets are only 20 euro, just contact the MOOVE facebook page if you want to reserve yours! Everyone over 21 welcome!

See you there! Luv Clodagh xx

22nd July 2018

Wow! I guess time flies when you are having fun and so much has happened since I last wrote.

Firstly the last MOOVE boat party in June was amazing as usual. Thank you to everyone who came & supported! Our next and last MOOVE boat party of 2018 will be on Friday 17th August, this will also be MOOVE's 3rd birthday so it's going to be a biggie! Check the MOOVE Facebook page for details!

But first up next Saturday 28th July MOOVE is going to Longford for the first time! MOOVE will take over ROOM 3 of The Spiral Tree Longford with David Harrington, M Sykes feat Vali and myself! Doors open 11pm! This will be part of the Cruthu Arts Festival and during the day I will be running a Beginner Dj Workshop in the Temperance Hall, Longford Town from 12:30-3pm. No experience necessary for teenagers & adults. Only 10 euro. Please call 043 3342577 to book your place! Afterwards there is a Silent Disco from 3:30pm.

On Sat 30th June the MOOVE Dj Collective played on the amazing Red Bull Dodge truck which was at the finish line of the TriAthlone event. The weather was unreal and it was a great day! Later that night I ran a MOOVE Fundraiser for one of our resident DJs Kenny Tynan at the Junction Bar, Athlone. Lots of MOOVE Djs and The Progidy which is a Prodigy Tribute band andwhich Kenny is a member of, totally rocked the place and we raised a total of 1,062 euro for Kenny's brain cancer tretment fund! Thank you again to everyone who came and supported & danced!

Other news... London and the Junction 2 fesival was amazing, I spent 5 days working at the Body & Soul festival and took a week off and travelled around Ireland in the amazing sunshine we have been having! Ireland is so pretty when the sun shines!!

That's all my news... a new mix is on it's way!

Love Clodagh xx

5th June 2018


Long time... sorry for the silence but life has been non stop... so busy!

My MOOVE Boat party in April was unreal... we got a totally brilliant crowd, witnessed a beautiful sunset and the music was ace! Thanks so much to all the MOOVE DJs who played and everyone who came and supported... Our next one is in 10 days... on Friday 15th June! 3 hour Boat cruise with 6 DJs... for only 20 euro 8:30pm-11:30pm. Contact the MOOVE page for tickets before they sell out! Everyone over 21 is welcome!

My gigs in May were all great! I had a fun time in Brno, Czech playing at the Exit Club! Thank you to everyone who came and danced!
Next up was my amazing gig in Bulgaria playing at Stamina party at Fabrica 126! I played a 3 hour vinyl set and the crowd were totally rocking all night long! Huge thank you to everyone who came! You can check out my live set, the link is on my music page!
And finally my gig in Belfast was also brilliant... a proper underground old skool techno rave. Thank you DC Swede for inviting me!

I'm off to London this week to let my hair down at the Junction 2 festival... I can't wait to check out all the DJs... Carl Cox, Adam Beyer, Nina Kraviz, Ame, Dixon etc! :)

The weather in Ireland has been incredible... long may it last!

Until next time, Clodagh xx

18th April 2018


My MOOVE Boiler Room Student Night party in Charlie Brown's bar was another great night. We set up the decks in the middle of the dancefloor so it was a really great vibe again. Big thank you to everyone who came and danced.

Next up is our 20th MOOVE party which will be our first Boat Party of 2018 on the brilliant River Run Boat. Join us on Friday 27th April 2018 for 3 hours up the beautiful river Shannon with Djs Simon Healion, David Shortt, Brian Shanagher, David Harrington & myself playing the best house, tech house & techno. We will also have a special LED dance performance from the Magician. The boat leaves infront of Athlone Castle at 8:30pm returning at 11:30pm. Tickets are 20 euro... just contact the MOOVE facebook page if you want a ticket! Our boat parties are always great fun and they all sold out last year so don't miss out! Everyone over 18 are welcome! :)

I have some great techno gigs coming up next month in Czech, Bulgaria & Belfast which I am super excited about. I have been falling back in Love with the harder sound of techno and have make a new hard techno mix which you can find on my Music Page. I've also added my new Top 10 chart for April 2018!

Chat soon, Love Clodagh xx

2nd April 2018

Wow! Well what a party that was...! Last Friday was my MOOVE Dj Battle Fundraiser for my friend and MOOVE DJ Kenny Tynan's brain cancer treatment fund. We had 9 local DJs including Kenny playing their hearts out along with Laura the Magician - our LED Dancer danced all night. We had a great crowd there and it was a great party and we raised an amazing 1,050 euro for Kenny so a big thank you to everyone who came & supported! It really means a lot! We really made Good Friday a Great Friday! You can check out some photos on my photos page.

Next up is my MOOVE - Boiler Room Student Night at Charlie Browns Bar opposite the AIT in Athlone on Monday 9th April 2018. I will play alongside MOOVE residents Simon Healion and David Shortt. Our last MOOVE boiler room party during Rag Week was off the hook so I can't wait for this party!

I also went to check out some really cool Irish bands & Djs at the Red Bull Free Gaff event in Dublin this weekend! Great artists eg. Mano Le Tough & OR:LA, & Barq in a very cool venue!

That's all my news, Check back soon for more updates, Clodagh xx

26th March 2018

Wow! Things are really starting to pick up now... I've got 3 amazing gigs to look forward to in May - Mon 7th May I'm in Brno, Czech Republic... Alway rocking in this city! Sat 12th May I'm playing in my beloved Sofia, Bulgaria... yahoo and then on Sat 26th May I'm playing a secret techno gig in Belfast, Northern Ireland! Phew... I bloody can't wait!! Yeeooow!

This Friday is my secheduled MOOVE DJ Battle fundraiser party in aid of Kenny Tynan's brain cancer treatment fund. As it's the first time in 90 years that Irish people can legally go out and party & buy alcohol on a Good Friday, I have feeling this will be a busy one. I can't wait to play with 8 other local Djs... :) You can find all the info here...

Last week I was invited as a guest DJ to play on Kenny Tynan's MOOVE radio show on Phever.ie. It was a great experience and I really enjoyed my set & the whole experience. Thanks for the invite Kenny!

Music wise I went on a brilliant one day Abelton Bootcamp workshop in Dublin last weekend with the super talented Will Kinsella aka Hybrasil, I learned so much and will hopefully be good enough to release some music by next year! I also made a new Acid DJ mix and put my Top 10 Charts for February & March. So much great music out there! You can find them all on my music page! Enjoy!

Love Clodagh xx

9th March 2018

Hey Everyone!

Well we've just had the craziest weather in Ireland last week! The Beast from the East bought us the heaviest snow fall we've seen in years followed by Storm Emma who brought more snow & wind... the country was on Red alert and sadly we had to cancel my MOOVE DJ Battle Fundraiser party on 3rd March but we have rescheduled it for Fri 30th March which is also Good Friday. The law in Ireland changed and for the first time in 90 years pubs & clubs will be open and people can go out and buy alcohol. It will be nice to be a part of history and run the first dance music event in our town for 90 years on a Good Friday.

I also got a few more gigs lined up... Susper excitited to be going back to Bulgaria and playing in Sofia on 12th May!! Yahooooo! Also will be playing in Northern Ireland and a few more in the pipeline! Yeeooooww!

Hope you have a great weekend!

LOve Clodagh x

24th February 2018


I can't explain how great the MOOVE party went in Charlie Brown's Bar last Monday for Rag Week. MOOVE took over the smoking area and it was packed. David Shortt, Simon Healion and myself rocked the place, I even played an extra hour. Big thanks to Simon Healion for organising it and everyone who came and danced! You can check out some photos on my photos page.

Our next MOOVE party will be next Saturday 3rd March in our new home - upstairs in the Junction Bar Athlone. 8 local Djs will battle it out to raise funds for our good friend Kenny Tynan. 8PM - 12:30AM only 10 euro entry. We will also have a special LED dance performance from the Magician. Everyone is welcome, spread the word and see you on the dancefloor! Yeeoooowwww!

Until next time, Clodagh x

19th February 2018

Hey Everyone,

You can catch myself & MOOVE residents Simon Healion & David Shortt playing today in Charlie Brown's bar, Athlone for 2018 Students Rag Week. We will be playing from 4pm-8pm. See you there.

Also on Saturday 3rd March we will be having another MOOVE fundraiser for one of our resident Dj's and local hero Kenny Tynan. We have 8 local Djs battling it out to raise some cash for Kenny's brain cancer treatment fund in a new venue - The Junction Bar Athlone from 8pm-12:30am. Dj's Azzy, Brian Shanagher, Patrick McManus, David Shortt, Diskoma, Daniel Smith, myself & the main man Kenny himself will be playing all things house, tech house, trance & techno! Come join us for a great night... entry only 10 euro! Spread the word, everyone welcome!

Love & Light, Clodagh xx

27th January 2018

Happy New Year everyone... I hope your 2018 is going great so far!

I've lots of plans for this year... so can't wait!

I've 3 new DJ mixes for you to listen to on my music page & and new Top 10 for January... I must say there is some really great & exciting new techno around right now which I am loving again.

I also did a really nice little interview on Athlone Community Radio, talking about how I got into DJing and my DJ life so far. Link is on my Interview & Videos page!

After the huge success of my first Future Females last November I'm trying to organise another MOOVE presents Future Females 2 DJ Workshop and Club Night with the lovely EVE girls. I had it planned for the 23rd February but due to circumstances beyond my control I can no longer have it on this date so watch this space for news about when it will be rescheduled!

Have a great weekend... Love Clodagh xx

24th December 2017

Wishing you all a fun Christmas day with your family and friends...
& a very happy & healthy 2018!

Love Clodagh xx

18th December 2017

Wow! Well I know this is a very late update but my First Future event last month was truely something special. I had 22 strong music loving women come together to learn and teach each other the basics of Djing. It was such a great vibe and lots of new friendships were formed. The workshop was then followed by my MOOVE club night with EVE and myself. The EVE girls are probably 3 of the nicest girls I've met... they played brilliantly and I can't wait to have them back again soon.

My next MOOVE event and final one for 2017 is on Friday 29th December at Ozone Athlone. I am running a complete beginner Vinyl Dj Workshop before the club night from 9pm-11:30pm. The workshop will cover how to set up the turntables and mixer, the basics of beatmatching by ear on vinyl, there will be a practical session and a Q&A. After the workshop we will have our regular MOOVE club night from 11:30pm-2:30am with DJs Kenny Tynan, Diskoma, Simon Healion & myself! Come join us for our last MOOVE party of 2017! Prices for the Workshop & Club Night is 20 euro. Club only is 7 euro b4 12, 10 euro after. Booking is essential for the Dj Workshop, please contact the MOOVE Facebook page www.facebook.com/moovetechnoparty or email djclodagh@gmail.com

Hope ye are all getting ready for christmas... the countdown is on...

Love Clodagh x

17th November 2017

Whooooo hooooo!

Tonight's the night for my MOOVE presents... Future Females beginner DJ Workshop with the lovely girls from the EVE DJ Collective. This is a complete beginner Dj workshop for ladies only showing them the basics of DJing in a relaxed, positive & friendly enviroment. Afterwards we will hold our regular MOOVE club night with myself and EVE so it will be an all female DJ line up all night long. The Workshop is ran from 9:30pm-11pm & the club night from 11pm-2:30am. Both held in the brilliant Ozone Athlone beside the Piano Bar. Workshop & Club night is 15 euro, Club only is 7 euro b4 12 and 10 euro after.

See you there guys!

Clodagh x

22nd November 2017


Wow another month gone and another brilliant MOOVE Boat party & After Party done & dusted! We had our 3rd SOLD OUT MOOVE Boat Party in a row and wow... it was another cracker. Such a nice crowd, brilliant people, great music & just such a great vibe... people dancing their socks off to great house music while floating down the river Shannon. Thanks to Kenny Tynan, David Shortt & Simon Healion for playing great sets on the boat. The After Party continued at Ozone Athlone with Djs Diskoma, Simon Healion again, our Guest DJs Deviate & myself... again the music was top class & MOOVE is growing all the time. Thank you to everyone who came and helped me celebrate my birthday in style and to my right hand woman - Brenda Kelly for always helping me out! :)

The next MOOVE party will be on Friday 17th November 2017 - which will be an exciting one... MOOVE is taking a new direction and I can't wait to tell you... announcement will be soon so watch this space!

Music wise - I have a new Techno Top 10 and 2 new techno mixes up on my music page! Check them out & enjoy!

Love Clodagh x

27th September 2017

Well what can I say... My MOOVE fundraiser last Friday night was absolutley brilliant.Thank you so much to everyone who came & supported and danced & all the Djs & Bob the Sax player for all giving up their time for free to help raise money for our good friend and MOOVE resident Dj Kenny Tynan's brain cancer treatment fund! We had another SOLD OUT boat party which was so much fun with DJs Diskoma, David Shortt, Simon Healion and myself & Bob Batty and we all literally rocked the boat! We then continued with an after party at Viva / Ozone with Djs Keith Walsh, David Shortt, Simon Healion, Diskoma, myself & Daniel Smith all playing brilliant sets. I am so happy to announce that we raised an amazing 1400 euro for Kenny and we can't wait to have him back playing at the next MOOVE party on Friday 2oth October when we will run our final boat party of the year & also celebrate my birthday MOOVE style!!

Check back soon for more details!

Love Clodagh xx

21st September 2017

Wow I can't believe how quickly the weeks are flying by!

MOOVE's 2nd birthday was a hugh success with a sell out Sunset Boat Cruise and a totally rocking after party at Viva! Thank you to everyone who came and danced and make it our best party to date!

This Friday 22nd September we have another MOOVE party but this one is a very special fundraiser for a very special person. We are having another Boat party followed by an after party again at Viva and all proceeds will go to our good friend and MOOVE resident DJ Kenny Tynan who is not only fighting brain cancer but also the Irish Government from Spain to legalise medicinal cannabis in Ireland.

Kenny is choosing an alternative treatment using cannabis oil to fight his brain cancer and has already been in Spain for 2 months and is feeling great thankfully. All proceeds from this party will go towards his brain cancer treatment fund.

Big thank you to all the DJs who are playing for free on Friday at both our boat party & after party in Viva... I will be joined by DJs Simon Healion, David Shortt, Diskoma, Daniel Smith, Keith Walsh & Bob Batty live on sax!

Tickets for the Boat & Club are 20 euro and are very nearly sold out, please contact any of the Djs or the MOOVE facebook page for tickets. Tickets for the afterparty are 10 euro and are available on the door of Viva.

The River Run Boat will leave infront of Athlone Castle at 8:30pm sharp and return at 11pm. The afterparty is at Viva from 11pm-2:30am. Please come and support local Djs support a local hero! See you on the dancefloor!

Everyone is welcome!

Love Clodagh xx

20th August 2017

Hey All... I hope ye are all enjoy your summer!

I've been really busy preparing for my next party which is also MOOVE's 2nd Birthday party - to celebrate I've organised a 2.5 hour Sunset Boat cruise from 8:30pm-11:00pm down the beautiful river Shannon... with Dj's Simon Healion, David Shortt, Danny Kerrigan and myself along with Bob Batty Live on Sax! We will then have an After Party @ Club Viva Athlone from 11pm - 2:30am with DJs Diskoma, myself and this month special guest Dj duo from Dublin... Paradox Djs - Deviate!

I'm delighted to say that our boat party has now SOLD OUT but there will still be tickets available on the door @ Club Viva Athlone for our after party which will be rockin! Only 5 euro which will include a drink voucher for a buy 1 get 1 free drink on bottles or pints before 12:00!

Everyone is welcome so get involved, dust off your dancing shoes and see you on the dancefloor!

I've also added a new mix which you can check out on my music page! Enjoy!

Love Clodagh xx

3rd August 2017


I really can't believe we are in August already! SO much has happened since I last updated my website. I spent 5 great days in sunny hot Ibiza! It was 2 years since I'd been there and apart from my sunset boat cruise Dj gig being cancelled everything else was great. It's such a pretty island & the people are very friendly & I fell in love with the beautiful sunsets!

I checked out Elrow which was nice, got to see my friend and DJ hero Carl Cox in action @ Privilege for his Pure Carl Cox party to a sold out 10,000 strong crowd!! It was PURE TECHNO all night long... amazing! Then I went to the Game Over after party @ Benimussa Park which used to be a Zoo. The place is so cool and I dnced my socks off to Carl Cox B2B with the Martinez Brothers... it was soooo much fun! yeah! :)

After Ibiza I played a this really cool private mini festival in West Cork, Ireland on the Red Bull Dodge vintage truck... it was an absolute brilliant party with really cool people and I just let loose and played my heart out. I really enjoyed every second of it! :)

Last weekend I played a very special gig in London... the wedding of one of my best friends... my first wedding to ever DJ at. The Bride & Groom chose all the music & I put it together... which was a real challenge as it was all different genres even including Justin Beiber!! But I loved playing, making people dance and being part of a very special day... Congratulations Carine & Brandon!

This weekend I was supposed to be Djing at a Techno rave in Belfast called Annaghtek but I just found out that sadly it has been cancelled too but will be rescheduled sometime in the future. Check back soon for more info...

Good news is that my MOOVE party will celebrate it's 2nd birthday on Friday 25th August 2017. I started MOOVE in 2015 on the River Run Boat in Athlone and so what a great way to celebrate our 2nd birthday with a 2.5hour boat party with an after party @ Club Viva Athlone! I have a great DJ Line which will be announced very soon!

Love Clodagh xx

13th July 2017


Wow this month has been so busy so far & it's only going to get busier!!

First of all big thank you to everyone who came & danced & supported my last MOOVE party! David Shortt & Diskoma both played brilliant sets & I really enjoyed mine too. Special thanks to Brenda Kelly, Colette Concannon & Kenny Tynan for their continued support.

So lets talk about Kenny Tynan... Kenny is a brilliant DJ & producer and is a resident Dj at my MOOVE party. Without his support & encouragement I wouldn't have continued my party. Kenny sadly was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2015 and seeking alternative treatment has to go to Spain for 3 months. In a bid to raise funds to do this he set up a go fund me page and in a little over a week has raised nearly 10,000 euro! I couldn't be happier for Kenny and his wife & kids. I wish you all the good things in life. If you would like to donate to Kenny's brain cancer fund you can do so here... www.gofundme.com/kennys-brain-cancer-treatment

Last week I was working behind the scene's manging a stage at my good friend's Cormac Hedderman from Paradox events, first festival called MASS in Clonmel in Ireland. It was a huge success & sell out and for it's first year was really amazing. I really enjoyed sets from Hybrasil, Ejeca & Enrico Sangiuliano!

I'm off to Ibiza on Saturday and I'm so excited to be playing on Uneek Ibiza's Sunset Boat Cruise B2B with my good friend Dj Darz! It's going to be wonderful! I'm staying out there for a few days and plan to check out a few parties like Elrow & Carl Cox's PURE party in it's new home of Privilage which this Tuesday was a complete sell out with over 10,000 people!! Amazing!!

After Ibiza I'm playing at a private party in Cork, Ireland then off to DJ at a friend's wedding in London then finally Djing at a secret warehouse party in Belfast on 5th August! Woo Hoo!

Check back soon for more info & updates!

Love Clodagh xx

29th June 2017

Hi again,

It's time again for my next MOOVE party! It's on tomorrow night Friday 30th June @ Club Viva Athlone. Tomorrow we have the runner up from last month's MOOVE DJ Competition, David Shortt on warm up duties, followed by Diskoma, who rocked our April party and I will close the night with a set of pumping house tunes. Doors 11:30pm - 2:30am and all this for only 5 Euro!

I've just made a new tech house mix, I've posted the link on my music page... Enjoy!

Have a great weekend,

Love Clodagh x

26th May 2017


Big thank you to everyone who came to MOOVE last Friday... it was a great night of top quality house music played by our MOOVE Dj Competition winner Simon Healion, followed by an on fire Kenny Tynan and Bob Batty really topped the night off playing live Sax along to my Dj set. Special thank you to Brenda Kelly and Valerie Maguire for really helping me with the set up and take down... both two top class ladies!

On Saturday I played at a small underground Irish fesival called Hotbox The Gathering. It was in a really cool location up in the Leitrim hills far away from everything. I was really looking forward to my set as I was playing a 2 hour vinyl techno set and as I hadn't played vinyl for about 8 years it certainly was a trip down memory lane. Big thank you to Danyl & Shyan, the Hotbox crew for inviting me to play.

After Hotbox I went and chilled out for 2 days in beautiful Sligo by the coast... amazing!

I finally invested in some new needles for my turntables... proper professional Ortofon ones... expensive but they sound great. So I recorded a new Acid Techno vinyl mix which can be found on my music page!

Festival season has started in Ireland with Life festival on this weekend at Belvedere House in Mullingar, I went there last year and had a ball. But this year I'm in the mood for some Rock n'Roll and so I'm off to see Guns n'Roses at Slane and I can't bloody wait!! Take me down to the paradise city... :)

Laters.... Clodagh xx

12th May 2017

Hi Everyone!

Miracles do happen and we have been having a heatwave in Ireland for the last week... it's been really amazing! It feels like summer is here and I've had fun making a new funky tech house mix which you can find on my music page! Enjoy!

It's also one week until my next MOOVE party on Friday 19th May @ Club Viva Athlone, so I'm really looking forward to playing alongside Bob Batty on sax, Kenny Tynan and the winner of our Dj Competition! All the details can me found on the MOOVE facebook page!

I'm also going to play a 2 hour techno vinyl set at a small underground festival in Ireland called Hotbox Gathering on Saturday 20th May! I have been in my studio picking out what records I will play. I haven't listened to lot of these records for about 8 years so they are blowing my mind hearing them again & realising how amazing these records were & still are!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Love Clodagh xx

5th May 2017


So my last MOOVE party was a huge success... big thank you to everyone who came & danced and enjoyed & made it the success it was. Big thanks to Diskoma & Keith Walsh who both played brilliantly and also to Brenda Kelly & Kenny Tynan who helped out loads!

My next MOOVE party will be on Friday 19th May 2017 again at Club Viva Athlone, lots of people will be finishing their exams who why not come and celebrate at MOOVE! This month I am running a DJ Competition to win a 1 hour warm up set at this party, details can be found on the MOOVE facebook page tomorrow! Also on the line up, I am delighted to say that I will be joined by the brilliant DJ & Producer Kenny Tynan and during my set I will be joined by the super talented Bob Batty live on Sax! So don't miss out, doors open from 11.30pm-2.30am all for only 5 euro!

Music wise I've been busy in the studio making new Dj mixes. I made a new vinyl mix with my favourite Intec records and you can also watch a little video of me playing some funky tech house... both of these can be found on my music page!

Check back soon for more music & party news!

Keep enjoying that beautiful sunshine!

Love Clodagh xx

27th April 2017

Only one day left until my next MOOVE party @ Club Viva Athlone. Really looking forward to this one playing with Diskoma and Keith Walsh's LIVE set! Bring it on!

Big thank you to the Westmeath Independent newspaper for giving my party a write up and for also doing a nice interview with me!

I made two new DJ mixes this week... a nice Tech house one with some really beautiful tunes and also a Techno vinyl mix of my favourite tunes from the wicked Primate Recordings record label. I have been going through all my old vinyl, sorting them out and I've been loving it. So many good memories come flooding back when I play these old tunes! :) You can find the links on my music page!

Have a great weekend!

Love Clodagh x

21st April 2017


There's only 1 week left until my next MOOVE party and we have a great line up of local talent playing. On Friday 28th April I will be joined by local Dj & producer Diskoma warming up the dancefloor with some deep & tech house. Following Diskoma will be Keith Walsh who will play a live set blending tech house and modern funk using drum machines, syntheizers, samplers and live looping! I will close the night with a set of pumping house tunes! See you at Club Viva Athlone, Doors 11pm-2.30am, Entry only 5 euro and everyone is welcome!

I've also added my new Top 10 for April 2017 which is on my music page.

More new mixes are on the way!

Enjoy your weekend!

Clodagh x

7th April 2017


Thanks so much to everyone who came to MOOVE last week in our new home of Club Viva Athlone. We had 150 MOOVERS through the door which I was delighted with as the club is usually closed on a Friday and it was our first party there. Big thank you to the management & all the staff at Viva who were very nice to work with. Kenny Tynan did a great warm up set and Bob Batty who played Sax along to my dj set went down a storm. My sis was very cool and came all the way from London to suprise me and come to the party! You can check out some photos on my photos page. Our next party will be on Friday 28th April 2017 in Viva again so please save the date! I will annonce the line up in few days!

I'm really looking forward to summer... I made a new summery house mix, you can find the link on my music page.

I dusted off my turntables two days ago... I haven't touched them in years! I'm also sorting out my vinyl collection and hope to make a techno mix with some absolute gems I'm finding. I have so many good memories playing these records so it's been fun looking back. Check back soon for a new techno mix... it's been too long!

Enjoy your weekend & the sunshine!

Take care

Love Clodagh x

24th March 2017

Hey Everyone!

Only 1 week left until my next MOOVE party takes place in Viva nightlcub in Athlone. Really looking forward to this party, playing along side Kenny Tynan and the brilliant Bob Batty live on Sax. Kenny and I will be playing our new remix of Suzanne Vega's track Tom's Diner which was named Flash Back track of the week on the Irish National Dance Charts! If you love house music and love to dance with a brilliant crowd please come along, you won't regret it! Doors open 11pm-2.30am all for 5 euro... See you there!

I've also made a new house Dj mix, you can find the link on my music page along with my new top 10 House & Tech House charts for March 2017!

Have a great weekend guys!

Take care, Clodagh x

13th March 2017

Hi Everyone!

Loads of news for you! I finished the track with Kenny Tynan, it's a fun house remix of Suzanne Vega's track - Tom's Diner. Our production partnership is called InLux which means In Light... You can listen to it and there is also a free download available on my Soundcloud page - the link is on my music page. While you are on the music page have a peek at my Top 10 favourite techno tracks for February 2017.

Really exciting news about my MOOVE party. I found a great new venue - Viva Nightclub in Athlone. It's a wicked club with a late license so we can stay dancing till 2.30am! Our next party will be on Friday 31st March 2017 and will be joined by the brilliant Kenny Tynan and Bob Batty will play Sax Live along to my DJ set. It's going to be a great night... house music all night long... 11pm-2.30am for only 5 euro! Everyone is welcome so pread the word!

That's all my news for now! Check back soon for new mixes etc.

Thanks, Love Clodagh x

25th January 2017

Happy New Year Everyone, I hope 2017 will be full of fun times, great music and lots of laughter! So sorry for the lack of updates... had a few computer problems but I'm back on track now.

2016 was a bit of a mad year... I worked at lots of amazing events and festivals and saw lots of wickd DJs, musicians and bands. I even had a holiday in November and headed to London for a few days to catch up with some old friends and then headed to Gran Canaria and played on my friends online radio station. You can watch the set here...

I also made a nice old school acid techno mix for a Polish online radio staion called Pound It! The link is on my music page.

My last MOOVE party was a huge success with brilliant LIVE sets from Keith Walsh & Kenny Tynan and I was joined by the brilliant Bob Batty on Sax during my dj set. It as my birthday and I was delighted to have raised 325 euro in aid of the South Westmeath Hospice. Big thank you to everyone who came!

I've been in the studio with the very talented Kenny Tynan working on a nice funky tech house bootleg track. We are just in the process of finishing it off now. Looking forward to you hearing it

Check back soon for more info!

Luv Clodagh x

1st October 2016

Hello, long time...

Sorry there hasn't been any updates for a long time. The last few months have been pretty tough as my father sadly passed away about 4 months ago. You think you'll have your parents forever but life has other plans. It's cruel seeing someone you love disppear through illness which I'm sure many of you have experienced. Lots of sadness but it's time to start focussing on my music again.

Good news I have 2 gigs coming up in October... On Friday 14th October I will play a techno gig for HOTBOX in Galway. I played here in January and it was really good fun. On Saturday 15th October my party MOOVE is being held in a different venue called Gertie Browns in Athlone. It will be house music all night long and I'm thrilled to be joined by local talent DJ Brian Shanagher, Keith Walsh, Kenny Tynan and I will finish off the night with a special birthday set. 9pm - 1am, 5 euro on the door and all profits will go to Westmeath Hospice! Everyone welcome!

Looking forward to having music back in my life again... New mixes coming soon,

Take care, Love Clodagh x

2nd March 2016

Hi again,

I hope ye are all well. I had a busy weekend. I went to Galway to a party to see my friend Dave the Drummer play last Friday night. So good to have a catch up. Then I had my MOOVE party last Saturday night in Athlone. Musically it was a really brilliant night with so many local musicans playing along with Dj Brian Shanagher and myself. Big thank you to everyone who came and danced. There are some photos on my photos page.

There is a new house mix and my Top 10 tracks for February 2016 on my music page. Lots of great tracks there.

Check back soon for more new mixes and news.

Take care, Clodagh x

20th February 2016

Hey! Hope ye all had a nice Valentines... full of techno love! Exciting times for Irelands' music scene... lots of the festivals have announced wicked line ups and I'm discovering more and more interesting music nights popping up around the country. I'm checking out a techno party in Tullamore tonight called Mechanical Jazz. Looking forward to it.

It's 7 days until my next MOOVE party - Saturday 27th February 2016 - Upstairs @ The Malt House, Athlone. January's party was a huge success so I'm really looking forward to the next one. I have a great line up of 6 very talented local musicians and DJs. Musicians Fuzzy Hell and Sean McKenna are back along with Buka & The Wild One (Shane Gannon & Keith Allen from Moate) plus local guy Brian McCormack. Afterwards DJ Brian Shanagher and myself will get the dancefloor rocking. Doors open at 8.15pm, first act is on a 8.30pm until 1am. It's 8 euro before 10pm and 10 euro after. We encourage all musicians to play as much original material as possible. So be prepared to be entertained.

I put a nice new deep techno mini mix on my music page and also my Top 10 for January 2016. A new mix is coming very soon.

Have a lovely weekend, Clodagh xx

2nd February 2016


The last 2 weeks have been crazy busy so I'm just getting to update my website now. My techno gig in Galway at the Hotbox Promotions launch night @ The Cellar was fantastic. I totally enjoyed it. So great to play on a wicked Funktion One sound system and great equipment to a wicked crowd. So much fun and so cool to hear the awesome Jamie Behan play. I really loved his set. Big thank you to Danyl & Shayan for inviting me to play at your party. I loved it! Check out some photos on my photos page.

Last Saturday I had my MOOVE party in Upstairs @ The Malt House, Athlone. It was a fundraiser for Making Space Athlone and it was the frist time I mixed live music with Djs. We had 2 wicked solo musicians Fuzzy Hell & Sean McKenna play first then the awesome Ivy On The House played next. These guys are so talented. Next up was DJ Brian Shanagher who played a really great deep & progressive set and then I finished the night with a bang. It was such a good party with a fanastic crowd. The atmosphere was sooo good and people were dancing like crazy! yeah! ... thats my main goal, to make people happy & dance... simple. So I really think we are onto something special with this night. Next one is on Sat 27th Feb in the same venue. You can check out more photos on my photos page.

Check back soon for new mixes on the way!

Take care, luv Clodagh xx

23rd January 2016

Hey! Hope 2016 has been good to you so far. I'm Djing in Galway, Ireland tonight for Hotbox Promotions @ The Cellar Bsement. This will be my first Techno gig for 2016 and I will be playing alongside Irish Techno legend Jamie Behan. I'm on at 12 middnight so see you on the dancefloor!

Next Saturday 30th January is my next MOOVE party, Upstairs @ The Malt House, Athlone. It's a fundraising night for a creative group in town called Making Space Athlone. The night will be a combination of live music with Sean McKenna, Fuzzy Hell and the awesome Ivy On The House. They will be followed by Dj Brian Shanagher & myself. Doors open at 8.45pm & first act is on at 9pm - 1am. Only 10 euro for a great cause.

I've 2 new mixes and Techno mix and a House mix. Links are on my music page. I hope you enjoy them.

Thats all for now, check back soon for more updates.

Clodagh xx

31st December 2015

Hi Everyone, I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and I'd like to wish everyone and their families a very happy and healthy 2016.

I've had a very busy last few weeks with running MOOVE, having 2 parties in Athlone and Limerick. Athlone went really well and the next one is planned for Saturday 30th January 2016 so save the date! More info to follow soon. My course is also going well and I am learning loads.

Lots of cool music out there... you can check out my Top 10 tracks for December 2015 on my music page.

Thats all from me, have a wonderful night tonight... here's to lots of great music and fun times in 2016.

Love Clodagh xx

20th November 2015

Hi Everyone!

Lots of news for you. I have 2 great MOOVE parties planned for November & December 2015. I am joining forces with a great creative group in Athlone called Making Space Athlone. Our party will happen on Saturday 28th November 2015 in Athlone. We will create a cool night mixing music, art & healing. And on Saturday 5th December MOOVE will be in Limerick, Ireland for the first time. Please check my "Interesting Bits" page for all the info.

I have just added a new Tech House Mix to my music page and also my new Top 10 for November 2015.

This week I became a full time student studying Festival Management & Sound Production so I will be kept very busy for the next 8 months. I am already learning so much with a great group of people... students & tutors alike. Lets see what the future holds! :)

Check back soon for more info! Have a lovely weekend!

Clodagh xx

30th October 2015

Happy Halloween for tomorrow everyone!

My second MOOVE boat party which was also my Irish birthday party was a huge success. I had friends travel from Bulgaria, UK, Mayo, Limerick & Longford to come to my party. One lady even brought her dog Coco who was so cute. Anyway everyone had a great time, Dj Ann-Mo-Ri played a blinding tech house set and we raised 175 euro for Shirley Ryan's Cat & Dog Rescue which I was very pleased about. Big huge thank you to everyone who came and supported and partied with me! :) Check some photos here...

This week I had a full page write up in a local newspaper called the Westmeath Independent which I was very pleased with. Talking about my love of electronic music and my future dj'ing goals and plans. Thank you to Emer Connolly for interviewing me and writing the article. You can check it out here...

I've also added my new Top 10 tracks for October 2015 on my music page.

Check back next week for more news... and a possible new dj mix!

Take care, Clodagh xx

24th October 2015

Hey! I had a really great time in Bulgaria last weekend. I was looked after so well as usual and had lots of run. I celebrated my birthday in style playing a 4 hour classic pumping techno set at a really nice little party in Sofia in a cool club called Playground. Big thank to my friend Korio for inviting me to play and for everyone who came to the party. I've been playing in Bulgaria for 10 years now and it's so nice to see the familiar faces at the parties. Thank you! You can check out some photos on my photos page.

Tonight is my 2nd and final MOOVE boat party for 2015. The last one was a lot of fun and we even managed to raise some money for a great cause. Tonight the River Run Boat will leave infront of Athlone Castle at 6.30pm sharp and returns around 8.30pm. Music will be Tech House by my good friend DJ Ann-Mo-Ri and myself. There's a full bar onboard. It's only 10 euro and all the profits will go to Shirley Ryan's Cat & Dog Rescue. If you are in the area don't miss out! It's a really nice trip & party, for a great cause.

Take care

Clodagh xx

13th October 2015

Hi All!

So the countdown is on... only 3 days left until my special 4 hour Dj set in Sofia, Bulgaria. I always love playing in Bulgaria, always so much fun! The party is called Back To The Roots... and I'm going to play a full on 4 hour Pumping, Banging, Funky, HAaard, Acid Old & New Techno set from 2-6am! I promise to give 200% Clodagh power as usual. This night is also special because it's my birthday at midnight... I have celebrated my birthday in Varna many times but this will be my first time to celebrate it in Sofia! SO lets do this, party together and celebrate techno style!! All the info can be found here...

I've also made a new pumping techno mix which I added to my music page... Enoy!

Take care & Enjoy life,

Luv Clodagh xx

8th October 2015

Hi Everyone!

I had my 1st MOOVE boat party last Saturday in my home town and it went very well. There was a small crowd but everyone who came had a great time. We really don't appreciate what we have around us sometimes... to be able to hold a party on a really great boat and be floating down the Shannon river with the most beautiful scenery is just something else. My friend Dj Ann-Mo-Ri played the set of her life and I really enjoyed my set too. Big thank you to everyone who came and supported and we even managed to raise some money for charity. The next and final MOOVE boat party for 2015 will be on Saturday 24th October 2015 - which will also be my birthday party! :) All the details can be found here...

Next week I am playing in one of my favourite countries... BULGARIA! I am playing in Sofia on Friday 16th October for my birthday celebration at the Playground Paradise Mall. I will play from 1am - 5 am... 4 hours of full on pumping techno... old style! Really looking forward to this! All the info is here... See you there! :)

Enjoy the sunshine while it lasts!

Take care, Clodagh xx

1st October 2015


Only 2 days until my first MOOVE Boat Party, happening in Athlone, Ireland. Remember the River Run boat will leave infront of Athlone Castle at 6.30pm sharp and will return around 2 hours later. Really looking forward to this as it's the first party I've ever organised in Ireland plus after 14 years of Djing it's my first time to ever DJ in my home town! Pretty cool that it will be on a boat floating down the beautiful Shannon river! All the details can be found on facebook here...

I've also added a new Tech House Mix to get you in the mood for my MOOVE party and my new TOP 10 for September 2015 on my Music page! Enjoy!

I've very happy because Summer has finally arrived in Ireland... the sun is shining outside and it's even warm... better late than never!

Take care, Clodagh xx

19th September 2015

Hi Everyone!

Just to let you know that there has been a big change to my 1st MOOVE party that was supposed to happen on Sat 26th Sept. Sadly the venue I had booked has now closed so I had to change plans. The 1st MOOVE party will now excitingly be a boat party and will now take place on Sat 3rd October in Athlone, Ireland. You can find all the info on my "Interesting Bits" page on this website.



26th August 2015

Hi All!

I hope ye are all having a lovely summer. The weather has been totally rubbish in Ireland so much rain!! So I decided to have a short break, 48 hours in Ibiza to catch some sun and guess what... the rain in Spain falls mainly on the... Island of Ibiza when I was there! Anyway I got to go to 2 cool parties while I was there. CircoLoco at DC10 on the Monday night, great venue & great music. I got to hear Tania Vulcano play outside in the garden and Patrice Scott & Nicole Moudaber in the main room. Plus I got to hang out with my buddy Darz who has been living on the island all summer running his Uneek Ibiza website. Then on the Tuesday I went to see Carl Cox at Space. It was a great night music wise getting to hear Umek, Davide Squillace and of course my hero Carl Cox play for 5 hours!! It was also cool to hang out with my Brazilian friend Maria who I haven't seen for years. Space was packed and unfortunately a pick pocket stole my purse while I was walking through the club which kinda ruined my night... and the last time I was in Space 7 years ago I got my bag stolen... I know... what are the chances, so be very careful if you go there... those pick pockets are pros! Anyway I'm over it now! Back to reality in Ireland and back to my own music which I have been working very hard on.

I'm also very excited to announce a new project that I am starting next month. It's my own monthly underground Tech House & Techno night in a cool little venue in my home town in Athlone, Ireland. It's called MOOVE and the first night will be on Saturday 3rd October 2015! I'm really looking forward to this and very excited to share my love of electronic music with the people who come! You can find out all the info about MOOVE just go to the page called "Interesting Bits" on this website (click the tab on the left of the screen).

Check back soon for more news! Take care, Clodagh xx

26th June 2015

Hi Everyone!

After an 18 month break from Djing and lots of big changes in my life, I am back loving music and DJing again. Working two jobs for 11 years was tough so I decided to take break and did some pretty cool things during my time off. Then a few months ago... after 15 years of living in London I made the huge decision to leave, move back home to Ireland and start back DJing again.

So here I am, back in Ireland, loving life and music again. It's exciting times and I have lots of plans and lots of music I am working hard on. So watch this space!

Clodagh is defintiely back!! xx

7th April 2013

Hi Everyone, I had a lovely time in Prague on Friday night playing at the charity party, Rescue Animals. The party was held in a really cool club called Cover Place which is actually a big underground bunker. Czech people are really so lovely, the crowd were so nice and big thanks to the two rocking ladies Blondee Monic and B.Unq for inviting me to play and looking after me so well. I hope ye raised a lot of money for your animal charity. Check out the photos here...

Next Saturday I am playing in Poland at the Massive Sounds party at the Mega Club in Katowice... will be a rocking party!

Love Clodagh xx

31st March 2013

Happy Easter to you and your families! I hope ye all had a lovely weekend. Here in London it's still very cold but at least we are seeing a bit of sunshine each day... yeah!

Only 5 days left until my gig in Prague... can't wait!

Luv Clodagh xx

17th March 2013

Happy St. Patricks Day Everyone!! It's a great day to be Irish... isn't every day?? haha!

Ok so i finally got round to writing a tour diary about my mini tour of Japan a few weeks ago. You can read about it here...

I've also added my photos from my Fiercesounds gig in and my Dommune.com gig in Toyko. Check out my photos page here...

Still on bit of a come down from my mazing Japan trip but I have 2 more great gigs to look forward to next month. On Friday 5th April I will play at a dog charity party called "Rescue Animals" in Prague, Czech Republic. And on Saturday 13th March I will play at the Massive Sounds party in Katwoice, Poland... yeeaah!!

That's all for now folks, have a great week, Luv Clodagh xx

8th March 2013

Hi All! I can't believe that this night last week I was in Japan playing my first of 3 gigs! I had such an amazing trip, it was hard with all the traveling and lack of sleep but the parties, the people and the food reallymade it worth it!

Japan is an amazing country, the people are sooooo nice, I was looked after so well, so a big huge thank you to Kazu & Chii and the 3rd party crowd for being great in Sapporo, Hokkaido in North Japan. Also nother big huge thank you to Tomy from the amazing Fiercesounds party in Tokyo and the rest of the Fiercesounds crew... Daiki, Keni, Momo, Yugo and everyone else!! It was so cool to be invited to play at Fiercesounds 6th Birthday party... It was a wicked night! Arigato!! & lastly huge thank you to the Dommune crew, where i got to DJ LIVE from Tokyo!! Another mazing experience where the show got over 11,000 views that night! Amazing!!

I will write up a tour diary very soon of my very cool trip to Japan, but first check out my photos from the "3rd Party" @ Duce club, Sapporo... here...

Love Clodagh xx

3rd March 2013

Konnichiwa from Japan everybody!! I am having such an amazing time here with two amazing gigs played. after 25 hours of travelin I finally made it to Sapporo in North Japan. The gig at 3rd Party was small but really great, the crowd was so nice and so much fun. Thank you to Kazu & Chi for looking after me so well! Then I flew to Tokyo for the Fiercesounds 6th birthday party & it was amazing!! Toyko totally rocks, thank you so much to Tomy & the Fiercesounds crew... so cool!

Also I have some really exciting news... on this Monday the 4th March you can watch me DJ LIVE from Toyko on the internet at 11pm Toyko time (2pm London time) on www.dommune.com. Just click on the Pioneer Dj link. So exciting... I can't wait!

Aijou Clodagh xx

20th February 2013

Hellooooooooooooooo everyone!!! Happy New Year! (plus belated Happy Christmas & Valentine's etc etc.) Sorry I've been really slack with my website for the last (ahem) year... but i'm back on it now. 2013 has been pretty good so far. I had a really cool holiday in Morocco (surfing!) and I also competed in my first Thai Boxing fight which was really cool.

But now it's time to get back to my music... reeeeaaaally exciting news... next week I am going to Japan!!! I played in Japan in 2008 so i'm so excited to be going back.

On Friday 1st March I will play at "3rd Party" at Duce club on an island in the north of Japan called Hakkaido! and on Saturday 2nd March I will play at Fiercesounds 6th Birthday party @ Amate Raxi club in Tokyo. I played here before for the kick ass promoter Tomoka and the party was incredible. I had so much fun, the crowd was amazing & the soundsystem... well it was so good I didn't even recognise some of the tracks i was playing!! Japan get ready to rock to some pumping banging techno Clodagh style!

So check back soon for more news & updates!

Luv Clodagh xx

26th May 2012

Well what can I say... that was another amazing gig in Sofia, Bulgaria. I played for 5.5 hours and it felt like 2 hours... I get totally lost in the music when I play long sets to an amazing crowd. The party was small but so much fun. Big huge thank you & Happy Birthday to Korio for inviting me to play at his special party and for looking after me so well & also a big thank you to Yana & Andrey for the company. Everything was perfect. Also a big thank you to the lovely people who came all the way from Varna for the party! I also had my first bill board, advertising the party which was pretty cool to see. Check out all the photos from the party here...

We are finally having some really fantastic weather in London... soooo nice!!

Enjoy the sunshine folks...

Luv Clodagh xx

10th May 2012

Hi Everyone, Really looking forward to my gig in Bulgaria this Saurday. I will play a 5 hour set @ the Lifehouse Club in Sofia. This will be a special party as it is also my friend Korio's birthday. Bulgarian's really know how to party so I know this party is going to rock big time.

See you soon, Luv Clodagh xx

18th March 2012

Hello! Long time... sorry for the delay in my website update but I have been having a few problems with my laptop. Anyway the last month I have been busy as always working on my music and even managed to take a small trip to New York. I really liked New York, it looked just like in the movies with the huge buildings & yellow cabs. I must say the Manhatten skyline is just beautiful especially at night and I was so impressed with how friendly the New Yorkers were, so helpful & happy... a nice change from London! Check out some photos here...

Also I've added a new techno mix on my music page... lots of great new pumping techno tracks on there... you can check it out here...

I hope all my Irish friends all over the world had a great St. Patricks Day yesterday. It was great apart from Ireland losing the rugby... bummer...

Also a big shout out to all the great techno mammys out there today especially to my wonderful mother... Happy Mother's Day Mammy McCann, Love you loads... xx

Thats all my news for now... Take care, Clodagh xx

19th February 2012

Hey! Hope everyone got lots of techno love on Valentines. My gig in Czech last weekend was wicked... the club was small but perfect and the crowd were amazing... so much fun! I must say that not only are Czech people gorgeous but they are sooooo lovely, plus they are tall... there was even a girl taller than me there, which is very rare! I was looked after so well, big huge thank you to Petr, Nikola & Honza and the rest of the crew for looking after me! Oh and also a big thank you to Lukas and Jiri for travelling all the way across Czech to come to the party & Korio travelling all the way from Bulgaria for the party! So cool! Check out the photos on my photos page.

Right I have to get back to my music... laters... Luv Clodagh xx

1st February 2012

Hey Everyone... Hope you are all enjoying 2012 so far. January went by quickly didn't it?

Ok so lots of updates for you...My next gig will be Friday 10th February @ Club 7, Nebe, in Brno, Czech Repulic, I love playing Czech and Brno... so I know this will be a rocking party and so near to Valentines too... let's spread some tecno love!

If you check out my tour diary page I have wrote a few words about how my year in 2011 went and I've also added some photos on my photos page... The Best of 2011... Lots of great memories...

Finally music wise... last month I made a pumping techno mix... I've decided to share it with you lot. I really need to make more mixes... I will try for a new one every month. Check my new mix out on my music page. I will also add my new Top 10 for Jan 2012 very soon.

Keep on Rocking... Love Clodagh xx

4th January 2012

Well what can I say... I had the best start to 2012 playing at Ultraplay's New Years Day party at Cafe1001 in Brick Lane, London... It was soooooo great! The atmosphere was incredible! Ultraplay is my favourite London party to play but this was definitely the best one I've played yet... just total craziness and I didn't want to stop playing! When I was on my way to play the gig the streets were deserted... I though oh no, this place is going to be empty... but the place was packed and man did they want to party... so much fun! Big huge thanks to Darren C & the very beautiful Lyn Saine for asking me to play. Keep going with Ultraplay as you have a really special party happening there... Ultraplay definitley ROCKS! Check out Ultraplay's website here... & Check out some of my photos here...


31st December 2011

Hey I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas. I had a nice time at home in Ireland with my family. Back in London now getting ready for the New Year's celebrations. I am playing tomorrow... New Years Day @ Cafe 1001, Brick Lane, at the wicked Ultraplay party - I will play 7.30pm - 9pm. Ultraplay is always a wicked party and this one will be even more special... can't think of a better way to start 2012... playing my favourite London party in my favourite London venue, to one of the coolest crowds in town. See you there...

Also I've added my December Top 10 to my music page and also my Top 10 of 2011. My two favourite producers of this year were Deavid Moleon and Axel Karakasis... they produced some really wicked tracks this year.

So a Big Happy New Year to everyone where ever you are in the world... may 2012 be full of fun, good health and amazing adventures... See you next year, Luv Clodagh xx

20th December 2011

I can't believe that it's Christmas time again and 2011 is nearly finished... that was definitely the fastest year of my life... where the hell did it go? anyway I had some really amazing gigs and good memories so I can't complain.

2012 is going to be a really amazing year, lots of exciting plans full of wicked music, parties and fun times. I'm going to kick off 2012 with a cool gig at my favourite party and venue in London. I will play at the wicked Ultraplay party @ Cafe 1001, Brick Lane on New Years Day. The party starts at 12 midday and finishes I think at 12 midnight. I'm not sure what time I will plat at yet but will post it on here as soon as I find out. The music will be tech house / minimal techno / electro... oh and best of all it's FREEEE.

I just want to wish everyone and their families a wonderful Christmas and a totally rocking 2012. Big thank you to everyone who supported me during 2011... so many amazing parties.. thank you. Happy Christmas everyone... Big love, Clodagh xx

18th December 2011

Big thank you to the Smash Techno crew, for a great party @ Club 414 last weekend. The party was small but wicked. I haven't played that hard in a long time and I loved it. Thanks to everyone who danced and big up to the SUSS crew from Wales, nutters! Check out some photos here...

Luv Clodagh

8th December 2011

Hey London, I'm playing at Smash Techno tomorrow night (Friday 9th Dec) @ Club 414, Brixton. I will play at 2am after the brilliant Aaron Liberator. Banging techno all night long so it's going to be a goodie.

Luv Clodagh x

20th November 2011

Hey Everyone! Hope you are all well. All is fine here in London which is good. My next gig isn't until Friday the 9th Dec for Smash Techno at 414 in Brixton, London but I'm still working my ass off on my music everyday. Also I'm very happy to be playing the very cool Ultraplay party on New Year's Day at Cafe 1001 in Brick Lane, London. Yeah baby, bring it on!

I've added my new Top 10 for November 2011 to my music page. Also keep an eye out for new mixes coming very soon...!

Luv Clodagh xx

9th November 2011

Big thank you to the Zoology crew for asking me to play last Friday night at their Final Zoo party. It really was such a nice party, great people and great atmosphere. Best of luck to Chris & Richard & the Zoo crew with whatever you do in the future. Check out some photos here...

So finally some time off, last Sunday was my first proper full day off in about 2 months & I caught up on some badly needed sleep... zzzzz. But now I've got to get back to business and work even harder. So many plans...

Ok my next gig isn't until 9th December @ Smash Techno, Club 414 in Brixton, but check back here for lots of updates before then.

Have a great week everyone, Luv Clodagh xx

2nd November 2011

Don't you just love it when you walk into a fancy dress party and you are the only one in fancy dress... hehe...!! Thats exactly what happened to me last Sunday night, when I arrived at my gig at Cafe1001 in Brick Lane to play at the Ultraplay's 6th Birthday & Halloween special... I was told all the Djs had to dress up , but the 2 guys playing when I walked in weren't dressed up! eekk.. Ah well luckily more people arrived dressed up later on... phew... & the promoters Darren C and Magda had awesome costumes! Anyway the party went off, I really really enjoyed playing here, Cafe 1001 has a wicked DJ booth & sound & the crowd are really clued up music wise and basically it was fantastic. Thanks so much Darren C & Magda and massive congratulations on making 6 years of amazing Ultraplay parties! Big thank you also to Marc, Livia, Romana, Lulu, Oonagh, Fiona & Abhay for coming to support... always so nice to have some familiar faces in the crowd... so good to see you there. Check out some photos from this wicked night here...

Ok so this Friday 4th November I am playing at Zoology at Club 414 in Brixton, London. I'm really delighted to play here as it's their 10th Birthday but it is also their final party, the end of an era... boo hoo... The Zoology crew are such a nice bunch, they remind me of my old crew of friends who used to put on Spiritualised parties. Big props to them for keeping their night running for 10 years... amazing. This is going to be a really great party so don't miss out, here are the details... Final Zoo, Friday 4th November @ Club 414, Coldharbour Lane, Brixton SW9 8LF. 10pm-7am. £10 all night or £5 guestlist (latexzebra@hotmail.com).

I was supposed to play 12-1am but now i'm playing from 3-4am... see you there guys!!

Luv Clodagh xx

28th October 2011

London! This Sunday get ready to rock! I can't wait to play the awesome Ultraplay party @ the wicked Cafe 1001 club in Brick Lane. Ultraplay is my favourite party in play in London and Cafe 1001 is my favourite venue to play in London... add into the mixture that it's Ultraplay's 6th Birthday and also a Halloween special... well what can I say... it's going to be a wicked wicked party! Ok so here are the details... the party starts at 2pm and finishes around 11.30pm. It's free in. Fancy dress is optional but there's a free bottle of champagne for the best outfit... Djs have to dress up so I have my costume ready! I will play a tech house, electro and minimal techno set from 8pm-10pm.

That's it folks, I can guarantee that this is going to be a really party... see you there on the dancefloor...

Luv Clodagh xx

26th October 2011

To cheer up myself up on a very rainy day in London I wrote a tour diary about my recent birthday and 10 year Dj Anniversary gig in Bulgaria... I've decided to share it with you... have a read here...

Happy days... Luv Clodagh xx

24th October 2011

Big thank you to everyone who came to the Techno Up5 party in Slovakia and danced like crazy to my set! It was a really fun gig... everything was so professional... the production, stage set up, the equipment and sound. I just wish there were more people but everyone there had a great time and so did I. Thank you to Marian, Noro & Iva for looking after me so well. It was great! Check out the photos here...

I did so much travelling this weekend... 20 out of 28 hours were spent travelling... bus, tube, plane, car, car, plane, tube & bus... I slept for 12 hours last night when i got home...zzzzz. Really happy I am playing closer to home this weekend... just up the road in Brick Lane! Yeah! this Sunday at the wicked Ultraplay party @ Cafe 1001. Can't wait...!

More news soon, Luv Clodagh xx

22nd October 2011

SLOVAKIA!!... get ready to rock! See you on the dancefloor tonight! I can't wait!

Luv Clodagh xx

19th October 2011

I'm still on a high from last Saturdays' gig in Bulgaria... what a wonderful amazing party with over 400 beautiful Bulgarians... Yeah. So I'm ready to rock again this Saturday night in Slovakia... it's been a few years since I've Djed here so I'm really looking forward to this one. The Slovakian crowd are always well up for it... Let's Party! I will play the Techno Up 5 party @ Sportova Gala in Ruzomberok. It's going to be a goodie!

Check out this nice interview I did for a Slovakian website...

More news soon! Luv Clodagh xx

17th October 2011

Well what can I say Bulgaria... YOU TOTALLY ROCK!!! Thank you so so so much from the bottom of my heart for helping me celebrate my birthday and 10 Year DJ Anniversary in style. I started my set at 12.15am to a packed dancefloor and I finished t 6.15am to a packed dancefloor!! 6 hours... my longest Dj set I've ever played! I had the best birthday ever, it was such a special night, I will never forget it... so thank you again. I will write in more detail about this party very soon but until then you can check out some photos...

Big thank you to Balthazar, Rockrock & the Comics Club crew for being so cool to work with and a huge big thank you for the people who drove 7 hours from Sofia to come to the party ! And as always thank you to everyone who made the party unforgetable and for dancing all night long with me!

Lots of Love, Clodagh xx

14th October 2011

Hey Bulgaria!! So looking forward to tomorrow night, it's going to be a rocking party. Thanks for all the great track suggestions, please don't be disappointed if I don't play all your tracks... every track I play will have a special meaning to me and I promise you 5 hours of amazing music. I think I will start playing around 12.00 and it will be rocking from start to finish. I hope you will be strong enough to last the full 5 hours with me!

It will be a huge trip down memory lane and loads of fun.

See you soon for my joint birthday & 10 year Dj anniversary party... Yeah!!

Luv Clodagh xx

5th October 2011

Yeah finally back in London... I've been through 12 airports in 9 days...! Tiring or what... just starting to feel normal again at last. I had a lovely weekend in Ireland at my friends Kara & Michael's wedding... so happy for them. Yeah to Love! Although I missed the heatwave in London... I was bloody freezing in Ireland. Damn!

Anyway back to music... Bulgaria I'm so coming to get you... I'm celebrating my birthday plus my 10 year Dj Anniversary in Varna, Bulgaria on 15th October... in just 10 days! yipee... I'm going to play for 5 hours playing the best tunes from the last 10 years. If you are coming to the party and want to suggest some tunes you'd like me to play just post them on my facebook page ok! So I've been searching for my favourite tracks and man have I been getting goosebumps playing tracks I haven't heard for years... awesome! I can't believe I've been Djing 10 years... just thinking back at all the amazing parties I've played all over the world... it feels like a dream. This party is going to be very emotional, lots of fun, really crazy, sweaty, pumping, jumping, shouting... it's going to ROCK!! The countdown is on!!

Oh and i've just added my new Top 10 for October on my music page... again some amazing tracks in there!

Thats all for now folks!

Luv Clodagh xx

28th September 2011

Woohoo! Three amazing parties in three weeks!!

Last night I played at the Bubbles Comeback party in Olomouc in Czech and it was brilliant! There were over 700 up for it clubbers dancing like crazy and man was it hot, hot, hot!! ... I was soaking and looked a state by the end of my set but I didn't care because the party rocked! Yeah! Big thank you to the Bubbles crew for inviting me back to play. Olomouc rocks! I played Olomouc about two years ago but didn't get time to have a look around the city. Today I had to check out of my hotel room two hours before I was being picked up for the airport, so I spent the morning being a tourist and went sightseeing around Olomouc and what a beautiful city it is... the buildings are amazing... old gothic style, the city actually reminds me of Wroclaw in Poland , plus the sun was shining.... yeah! Man I love my job. You can check out some photos from last night here...

Tomorrow I'm going home to Ireland for my good friend Kara's wedding. I'm so looking forward to seeing my parents and friends again as it's been 6 months... this year is just flying by.

More news soon, Luv Clodagh xx

25th September 2011

I'm back in London after a fantastic gig in Liberec, Czech on Friday night. I played at a great guy called Lukas's 30th Birthday and I must say it was sooo much fun. It was a small but perfect party. Everyone danced like crazy and after 2 hours Djing I didn't want to stop. Two hours go by so quickly when you are having fun especilly when all the equipment and sound it fantastic. All the djs played wicked and I must say the people at the party were sooo nice & friendly. Basically I had a blast and most importantly of all birthday boy Lukas had a great time, he loves Techno so much it's so great to see. I had a great time at the after party too,even played a few tracks there. hehe. It was really cool to hang out with Dj Agent too, Agent runs the wicked Pigfest parties I've played at a few times now. Most of the time when you go to play at a party you don't really have the time to hang out and chat but Agent and his lovely wife Veronica picked me up from the airport and we went for dinner and it was really cool. He's such a nice guy, he's been Djing 17 years and is a huge music lover. I find it so inspiring when I meet other people who love music so much! Yeah!

All in all a wonderful gig, you can check out some photos here...

I'll be back in Czech again on Tuesday night playing in Olomouc for the Bubbles Comeback party... Yeah can't wait... Czech rocks!!!

Luv Clodagh xx

21st September 2011

Hi! My gig last Saturday night in London at Secret House was wicked. What a cool party! I really really really recommend this party, it's so well organised and a real credit to the promoters, they looked after me so well and the soundsystem & equipment were excellent. The music all night was fab and the crowd and vibe of the party were so great! So a big thank you from me for asking me to play guys! Check out some photos here...

Ok so I have a busy week ahead of me... I'm playing this Friday at the A-Klub in Liberec in Czech Republic for a special 30th Birthday party and I'm playing next Tuesday at the S-Cube club in Olomouc, Czech Republic for the Bubbles comeback party. Czech is always rocking so I'm really looking forward to both parties... yeah!

So check back soon for more updates! Better get back to my music!

Luv Clodagh xx

14th September 2011

Hey! Hope everyone is well. I'm playing London this Saturday night for a very cool underground party called Secret House. Really looking forward to playing here... lots of cool new music ready. Please check out www.thedancelover.org for more info. Please call 07748567308 or 07855788182 on the night to find out where the venue is. Send names for guestlist to TDLsound@gmail.com.

It's also that time of year again... the Top 100 Dj mag poll. You can vote for any Dj's you want & any genre... so if any Dj's have rocked your world this year then support them... espcially the underground Djs... there are far too many main stream Djs in the poll the last few years. Voting closes on 23rd September 2011... more info here....

And finally I just added my new Top 10 Tunes for September 2011 on my music page! Some niiiice tunes in there.

Take care guys... sending out lots of love and music to everyone,

Luv Clodagh xx

2nd September 2011

Yeah... it's the weekend again... and it's warm in London for a change. Yeah! Last Sunday I went to the SW4 festival on Clapham Common, it was really nice, lots of fun. Loved Ellen Allien, what a cool chick. Afterwards my friends & I went to one of my favourite London parties... Ultraplay @ Cafe1001 in Bricklane... again lots of fun as usual. Check out some photos here...

Take care, Luv Clodagh xx

21st August 2011

Hey! Hope ye all had a nice weekend. I really enjoyed my set on the internet radio station techno.fm on Friday night. Eventhough I think there was a problem with a few cables and there night have been some sounds problems, so apologies for that but I couldn't do anything about it. The show was broadcast from the Kinetec Records shop in Hackney, London. I really love Kinetec, it was originally based off Oxford Street and I went there 10 years ago and bought my first record and went every Friday for about 7 years! So much great music and goods memories, it's very sad in a way that everything has gone digital now & records shops are practically non existant but thats life and life changes constantly. Kinetec still have their shop on line by the way... www.kinetec.com selling the best techno.

I played on the show alongside Jethero Thermobee and James Roo, loads of fun. Check out the photos here...

Also I've added my new Top 10 for August 2011 on my music pages, they are all wicked tracks. Check it out here...

More news later in the week, Luv Clodagh xx

18th August 2011

Hi Everyone, thank God everything has settled down in London, either all the baddies have been arrested or are in hiding. It's like the whole county went nuts for 4 nights... crazy! Feel so bad for the familes of the people who were killed and those who lost everything. Hope this never happens again.

On a lighter note... I am Djing tomorrow night, Friday, on the internet radio station techno.fm 8-9pm live from Kinetic Records Shop in Hackney, London. Should be fun.

Take care guys & gals,

Luv Clodagh xx

10th August 2011

I just have to write about what has been happening in London and the UK the last 4 nights. I love Ireland as I was born and grew up there but I also love London, especially Hackney, East London as it's been my home for the last 12 years. I just cannot believe what has been happening here. I'm all for fighting for your rights but this is ridiculous. Total mindless acts of violence and from mostly young kids 11 - 16 year olds??? what the hell? I know people are angry wth the Government for cutting funding for youth centres and increasing University fees (which I don't agree with) but what gives anyone the right to smash up another persons business that they have worked hard for all their lives and then torch it, plus the people's homes above it. Smashing people's cars in and then setting it on fire. Beating people up, mugging them, stealing, stealing, stealing...! They are destroying their own communities, destroying people's businesses, people's homes, people's lives... How dare they? I'm feel so sad and angry. I really do hope this madness stops. Think about what you are doing... times are tough now and you are just making things 100 times worse! I think this lady said it all... watch here...

Take care guys and keep safe... Luv Clodagh xx

3rd August 2011

Helloooo! Hope ye are all having a fantastic summer. After 2 years I finally had a summer holiday, I had an amazing week in beautiful Turkey. I swam nearly every day, had some really amazing adventures with some really great people and ate lots of fantastic Turkish food. I feel totally refreshed, re-energised and ready to rock and roll with my music again. I have started working on some exciting projects... lots of plans and well all I can say is watch this space.

In June I had some new professional photos taken by the amazing Tracey Halls. She was 8 months pregnant at the time of the shoot and now she is the proud mum of a new baby boy!! Congratulations Trace! You can check out some of the photos here.

I've added my Top 10 for July on my music page... August Top 10 coming soon.

Thats all my news for now... gotta get back to my music... Luv Clodagh xx

7th July 2011

Thank you London, I had a really fun gig last Friday night in Brixton, short but very sweet set. Big thanks to Ludgero from Techno Sessions for inviting me to play.

More news soon, Luv Clodagh xx

30th June 2011

GLASTONBURY was AMAZING!!! Wow what a weekend. Amazing music, amazing people, amazing atmosphere... it was a totally magical festival! Highlights were U2, Elbow, Biffy Clyro, Dreadzone, The Joy Formidable, Ke$ha, Beardyman, Stereo MC's, The Vessels and RSVP. It was so cool to finally see U2, I grew up listening to their music in Ireland, their songs are a soundtrack to many peoples lives and they played a brillant and emotional set. Elbow were fantastic... the lead singer was so funny & the sun was shining. RSVP Bhangra band taught about 500 people how to Bhangra dance, it was hilarious. The best moment for me was meeting Michael Eavis the owner of Glastonbury! He was soooo nice, what a lovely man! The BBC introducing tent was also brillant, I saw lots of fantastic new bands there. Overall I was lost in music (and mud!) all weekend, i didn't want it to end, and I really really hope to get the opportunity to play at this great festival some day. Check out some photos from my Glastonbury weekend here...

Back to reality now... I'm playing tomorrow night at Techno Sessions @ the Music Bar, Brixton Hill. It's the old George 4. I will play along side DDR, Geezer, Jeff Amadeus, Mark Williams, Ludgero & Briza & Ventnia. I will play 1-1.45am.

See you there guys, Luv Clodagh xx

22nd June 2011

Hey All, it's near the end of June and that means only one thing... GLASTONBURY! I'm going to the massive Glastonbury festival tomorrow and I can't wait... so much fantastic music & so much fun to be had. Super excited about hearing U2, Beyonce, Biffy Clyro, Tinie Tempah, Chemical Brothers, The Joy Formidable, Hurts, Jessie J, Kesha, Carl Cox, Chumbawumba, Dreadzone, Beardyman plus about a million more acts!! The best thing about Glastonbury is stumbling accross some amazing new bands and acts that you've never heard of before... so cool! can't wait!! Let the fun being!!! xx

Oh ya, I'm playing Techno Sessions on Friday 1st July at the Music Bar in Brixton... techno techno techno!! see you there guys, Luv Clodagh xx

25th May 2011

The charity party FOR JAPAN last Friday night in London was great and best of all we raised £1189.90 for the people in Japan. Well done to Tomy the promoter and for all the great party people who came. Special mention to Emma who came all the way from Sweden for the party! All the DJs rocked it especially Gizelle... she played an amazing set... she's such a wicked DJ! Check out some photos from the party here...

Tomorrow night in London there is a big fundraiser party at Fabric also in aid of Japan and New Zealand who have suffered recently from earthquakes. There's a huge line up with Carl Cox, Adam Beyer, Christian Varela, John Digweed, Yousef, Jon Rundell etc so it should be an amazing party.

My top track I'm loving at the moment is...Kube 72 & Danny Oliver's Remix of Raining Days.... such a beautiful dreamy track... wow!!

Take care guys, be safe, happy & healthy, Luv Clodagh xx

19th May 2011

Hey London!... Don't forget tomorrow night I am playing at the charity party FOR JAPAN at the Jamm in Brixton. I'm playing early 11.15pm - midnight so get there early. Tomy the promoter asked me to play hard so it will be BOOM BOOM BOOM ok! There's a great line up so don't miss out... quality underground techno music all night long.

Please support this party, all the money goes to help people in Japan who have been affected by the earthquake. It's so easy to forget about what happened in Japan on 11th March... imagine 28,000 people have been reported dead or missing and tens of thousands are still living in evacuation centres... so sad. Japan you are in my prayers. xx

See you there guys, Luv Clodagh xx

11th May 2011

Hey All,

Hope life is good with you. I've just added a new gig to my gig page. I will be playing Techno Sessions @ the Music Bar in Brixton, London on Friday 1st July.

See you there... xx

30th April 2011

Well yesterday was the Royal wedding and I must say how beautful it was. Ah young love eh? anyway I also went to the Acid techno wedding crashers ball last night at the Jamm in Brixton and I must say that the London Underground Techno scene is alive and kicking. The party was packed and everyone rocked it... Aaron & Chris Lib, Dave the Drummer, Geezer, Rackitt, Sterling Moss & Zebedee. Just great! Really looking forward to playing Jamm on 20th May!

I hope to catch a few more parties this bank holiday weekend... & the sun is shining... yeah!

Take care guys, Love Clodagh xx

25th April 2011

Oh my God!!! What a weekend I just had in Bulgaria... 2 amazing parties in 2 days with 10 hours of mixing to the bext party people in the world! On Friday I played in Sofia, it was a small but very cool little club with a small crowd but the atmosphere was totally amazing & everyone there danced like crazy & we had so much fun! It was soooo great, thank you to everyone who came and danced & smiled & screamed... awesome! Check out the photos here...

Then on Saturday night I flew to Varna & played at the Comics Club, this was a much bigger party with a much bigger crowd and again WOW!!! so much fun! my 5 hourset honestly only felt like 2 hours!! It went so quick and again the energy and love I felt was incredible... Thank you so much to everyone! Check out the photos here...

Big huge thank you to Balthazar & Jackrock for inviting me to play this weekend & for putting on 2 incredible parties. And a big thank you to Korio for keeping me company!

I love you Bulgaria... until next time!!!! Clodagh xx

21st April 2011

I'm happy... the sun is still shining in London... yeah! It's hot hot hot and this time tomorrow I will be in Bulgaria... yipee! I have a big weekend ahead of me with two cool gigs... 5 hour sets ...it's going to be wicked. Check back on Monday for an update.

Oh ya... I've just added my new April Top 10 on my music page... Wow that Gary Beck track "Hands in Mine" is just awesome... what a groove.

Happy Easter guys... have a good one, I know I will! Luv Clodagh xx

10th April 2011

Hey! We are having amazing weather in London, I hope the sun is shining where ever you are in the world... I'm currently sitting on my balcony listening to loads of music... happy days! Have a great weekend!

Luv Clodagh xx

9th April 2011

Last Thursday I was lucky enough to go see Faithless Live in London. The show was amazing, full of amazing music, Bliss rocked it and well as for Maxi Jazz... well it's so hard not to feel the love... what a performer, you just want to get up and dance. Everyone in the Brixton Academy loved it. It's a sad but excellent farewell to dance music legends! Check some photos here...

Faithless You Rock!

4th April 2011


I just added a new gig to my gig page. On Friday 20th May I will be playing at a techno benefit party in aid of Japan at the Jamm in Brixton, London. I played in Japan 2 years ago in Kobe and Tokyo at the Fiercesounds party and I have amazing memories from this trip. Tomy the promoter of Fiercesounds lives in London and is putting on this party. It will be a great night & it's for great cause so please keep this date free. More details to follow!

Thanks guys, Luv Clodagh xx

3rd April 2011

Hey! Big thank you to the Pigfest crew for a really niiiice party last weekend in Czech. The party was proper underground... literally... in an underground car park, it was a very cool venue and it was very techno. Check out some photos here...

On my way to the party in Czech last Saturday at Gatwick airport I bumped in my old friend Anthea from the Joy of Decks show. She's doing really great and was on her way to play a gig in Jersey. So good to see her again.

So the count down is now on for my gigs in Bulgaria... 3 weeks and counting. It's going to be wicked.

I'm really loving my Drum'n'bass at the moment... my top track is "By your side" by SPY on Spearhead records... this track makes me dream... awesome.

Take care guys, Luv Clodagh xx

24th March 2011

Hey Everyone! Hope you are all well. London as been great the last 2 days with lots of sunshine... hopefully it will stay like this.

I've finally added a new Top 10, you can check it out on my music page. Dj Cristiao is on top form again producing some amazing techno!

Really looking forward to my gig in Czech on Saturday, I'm playing at the Pigfest Wonderland party in Pilsen. I'll be playing alongside Marco Remus, Dejan Milicevic, Golpe, Agent and many more cool Djs. Should be loads of fun as usual. See you soon guys!!

Still thinking of everyone in Japan, our world is certainly in a crazy state right now, thinking of everyone struggling out there.... Luv Clodagh xx

19th March 2011

I'm very proud to be Irish... Ireland beat England in the rugby today... they played fantastic!! Well done Ireland!! And I hope all my Irish friends had a funtastic St. Patricks Day last Thursday... Yeah!

11th March 2011

I hope my friends in the Japan are ok. I cannot believe what I saw on the TV... really frightening. Thinking of everyone effected and all my friends in New Zealand too.

Clodagh xx

14th February 2011

Sending out lots of techno love to everyone xx

29th January 2011

Good morning everyone!

Hope you are all well, I have just started to feel normal again after 3 weeks of having the flu! I've never felt so unwell for so long, so hopefully that's my illness for 2011 over with now.

Well after spending most of January in bed under my duvet I have some fantastic news... a mini Easter Dj tour in Bulgaria! Woohooo! It's going to be amazing... I will play Friday 22nd April in Sofia... it's been too long since I've played there & on Saturday 23rd April I will play in Varna... and the most exciting thing is I will play a 5 hour set at each party... me and all you crazy Bulgarians for 5 hours on the dancefloor... it's going to be awesome!

It's all about the music... Keep well, Luv Clodagh xx

11th January 2011

Happy New Year eveyone!! I know 2011 is going to be an exciting fun filled year!

2010 was an interesting one, I had fab gigs in Ireland, London, Czech Repbublic, Sweden and extra cool ones in Gran Canaria, Slovakia & Bulgaria! Big thank you to everyone who came to these gigs & made them so special. 2010 was also the year of crazy weather & cancelled gigs... Czech & Poland twice!

2011 is going to be busy... I already have 2 gigs in Czech planned and another exciting 3 gigs to be confirmed in another country... yeah! Really excited about playing at Pig Fest Wonderland party on 26th March! Yeah!

Ok guys... 2011 is going to rock, lets keep the techno party vibe alive... full of fun & lots of dancing.

See you on a dancefloor soon, Luv Clodagh xx

16th December 2010

I just wanted to wish everyone a vey happy christmas and an extra special New Year.

2011 is going to be a fantastic year full of fun & lots of aventures. I'm going home to Ireland on Saturday to spend time with my family which will be lovely!

See you guys next year!!

Luv Clodagh xx

3rd December 2010

I cannot believe it... it's happened again... my gig tomorrow in Poland has been cancelled due to really bad weather in Poland. I'm gutted! This is the second time this gig has been cancelled. How unlucky... ah well hopefully it's third time lucky when the gig is re arranged for some time early next year.

Sorry guys, i hope ye keep warm in Poland, stay safe & enjoy all the snow!

See you next year Krakow! Luv Clodagh xx

29th November 2010

Hey All! Hope you are all well & not too cold, winter has certainly arrived in London... it's freezing here!!! I'm finally getting to play in Krakow this Saturday... yipeee... so I will see you at the MishMash club for lots of pumping techno! Yeah!

Here is a nice interview I did for a Polish website Bibz.me. You can read it in English here... & in Polish here...

Also here are some photos from my wicked gig in Bulgaria last month... still need to upload them here on my website but you can check them out on my myspace page or on my facebook page.

Have a fantastic week guys & gals... Love Clodagh xx

19th October 2010

Oh my God, i just had the best birthday ever in Varna, Bulgaria last Saturday night. The party was really fantastic, I had so much fun and the crowd were so cool. There was lots of energy, dancing, smiling & jumping around going on. Bulgaria I love you, thank you for giving me a great birthday. I will add some photos this weekend!

Thanks to Preslava for looking after me so well & Balthazar & Jackrock inviting me to play at the lovely Comics club again and one last time THANK YOU to all the amazing party people. xxxx

Clodagh xxx

15th October 2010

Watch out Bulgaria... see you in 2 days... I can't wait, Luv Clodagh xx

15th September 2010

Hey Everyone! I hope ye all had a great summer. We actually got some nice weather this year in London for a change so that was nice.

Good news on the gig front, I will be playing my beloved Bulgaria on Saturday 16th October in Varna, this will be an extra special party as it will also be my birthday on the 17th so that will be fun. And finally it looks like my Polish gig in Krakow has been re-scheduled for Saturday 4th December.

Looking forward to getting behind the decks again,

Take care, Love Clodagh xx


7th August 2010

DISASTER!!!! Oh no I just found out that the PIGFEST festival has been cancelled tonight due to heavy rain from the last 3 days... I can't believe it... Oh i'm so sad... i was just about to leave to go to the airport. Oh I feel so sorry for the promoter and the party people who were looking forward to tonight. I was really looking forward to it too - PIGFEST is such a great party. Well hopefully the promoter will re-arrange my gig for another time.

Take care, Love Clodagh xx

7th August 2010

Hi Everyone... Getting ready to go to the airport to fly to Czech for tonight's PIGFEST Festival near Prague. This will my 3rd time playing for the Pigfest party crew, the last 2 times have been really wicked so really looking forward to tonight. Here is a nice little interview i did for them a few weeks ago. Check it out here... See you soon Czech!

Oh and today is my parents wedding anniversary... Happy anniversary Mam & Dad, love ye loads, see you in September! xx Luv Clodagh xx

2nd August 2010

Wow, so much news, my computer got virus, but hopefully everything is sorted now. Sad news is that I've had to cancel my trip to Burning Man this year due to various reasons but i'll get there another year. Good news is that I had a rocking gig in London 2 weeks ago, I had a blast playing at the Toxic techno party at the cool Babalou club in Brixton. I've misse playing in London. Plus I saw a lot of old friends there which was very cool. Thanks to Vitor & Ludergo the promoters and my friends Stephanie, Korio, Wai King and all the others who came to support.

More great news is that I'm playing at the wicked Pigfest Festival in Czech Republic this Saturday... bring it on! Can't wait! Luv Clodagh xx

4th July 2010

Hi Everyone... Exciting news... I've decided to go to the Burning Man Festival in the USA in September. It's for 1 week in the Nevada Desert and it's suppose to be incredible! I really can't wait and will hopefully get to Dj out there.

Last weekend I played a lovely gig in Poland in a small club in Lublin. The people as always were really nice and a big thank you to the promoter Seb and Dj Ouadah for looking after me so well.

Luv Clodagh x

25th June 2010

Looking forward to my gig in Poland tomorrow... it's been a while Poland so get ready to rock. xx

22nd May 2010

Hey! I'm loving all this sunshine in London... it's like a totally different city! Soooooo good! I'm off home to Ireland very soon and I hope I will bring the sunshine with me. I'm Djing at a Burning Man fundraising party in Longford next Saturday 29th. I'll start around 10.30pm for a few hours. More details are on my gig page.

More news soon, Luv Clodagh x

5th May 2010

Lots of new photos on my photos page... enjoy! Clodagh x

4th May 2010

WOW! What a weekend.Thank you Czech & Slovakia!! I had a really nice gig in Brno, Czech Republic on Thursday night at Dj Jerry's night called HiFi. I had lots of fun and I enjoyed playing alongside Jerry & Dj Noise again, both wicked Djs. The Czech party people are always fantastic. The Nucleon party in Leoplodov in Slovakia was amazing. I loved it & big thanks to Tomas for inviting me to play.The crowd was incredible and well basically I loved it, plus it was 28 degrees in Slovakia... lovely hot sunshine... so nice. Then i came back to London on Saturday night to freezing cold weather & downpours of rain... great! I went straight from the airport to the Beardyman gig... this guy is unbelievable. I saw him for the first time at Glastonbury last year, he's a beatboxer but samples & loops every sound he makes & produces live drum'n'bass, techno, hip hop, dub step, gabba, every kind dance music you can imagine, he can also sing, play the piano and he's very very funny. Try check him out if you can... he's amazing!

I'm really happy because there is loads of great techno around at the moment. My favourite producer at the moment is spanish producer Dj Cristiao. He's sent me loads of great tracks which i really enjoyed playing last weekend. I've mentioned my favourite ones in my Top 15 tracks for April on my music page...

Check back soon for photos from the weekend & yes a new mix is on it's way!

Clodagh xx

27th April 2010

Hey! Summer is definitley coming... I'm loving all this sunshine... long may it last. I have a busy weekend ahead... Czech Republic on Thursday night & Slovakia on Friday. The last time I played the Perpetuum Club in Brno it was excellent... a really having it Thursday night... full on... so I can't wait to go back there again... and the same for the last time I played the Nucleon party @ Ocean Club in Slovakia... it was another rocking night so yes, i'm really looking forward to both of these gigs. Bring it on! Check out a nice little interview I did for a Slovakian website here...

See you soon guys & girls... Luv Clodagh xx

18th April 2010

Hi again, I really wasn't meant to go to Poland this weekend, due to a volcano erupting in Iceland and lot of volcanic ash in the air space over the UK all flights have been grounded so there was no way I would have been able to get to Poland. I think we are trying to re-schedule the gig for early June.

I was able to go to one of my best buddy's Chris Vezey's wedding this weekend instead, Chris actually designed my old website for me & it was so lovely seeing two people so happy & so in love. Congratulations Chris & Faten. Also it was my Mum's brithday yesterday, Happy Birthday Mum, love you loads.

Ok, back to Dj stuff... i've added some photos from my amazing gig in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, which I played last Feb. Check them out here...

More news soon, Clodagh x

13th April 2010

Hi Everyone, I just found out that my gig in Poland this Saturday has been cancelled. Sadly the Polish President and his wife along with many others were killed in a plane crash last Saturday. His funeral is taking place in Krakow this Saturday, which is the city I was supposed to play. It's a very sad situation and my thoughts & prayers are with all those who were killed and their families. I of course also feel bad for the promoter Lukash, and I was looking forward to coming back to Poland and playing in Krakow for the first time but hopefully this will happen another time soon. Clodagh.

11th April 2010

Hello and welcome to my new look website (finally!). I wanted a fresh new website for 2010 and it was a long time in the making. Each page has different theme & is personal to me so I hope you like it. Big thank you to my super web designer Warb for making it happen!

2010 has been cool so far. I've had some nice London gigs, and a fantastic gig in Las Palmas in Gran Canaria at the end of February. I played for the Bulla Soundsystem at their really underground night and it was amazing. I will never forget the atmosphere at this party, it was incredible & it's been a lot time since i've experienced something like this... truely special. Muchas Gracias to Daniel (Dj Guanche) for inviting me to play & for looking after me so well, plus his mama is a great cook! :)

In March I played at the cool Technoforia party in Gothenburg, Sweden. I played alongside two up and coming great female Djs Kimpa & Miss Fasth, so it was girl power all night long. The crowd was fantastic & really up for it... loads of fun. Big thanks to Mattias for inviting me to play again & also to Emma, Helena and Kim for looking after me so well. Helena has the cutest dog in the world called HUMLA... which i fell in love with... so cute!

I hope ye all had a nice Easter. I went to see Carl Cox play at Layo & Bushwacka's warehouse party "Shake It!" in London on Easter Thursday night. I loved it! It was like a posh squat party & the music was ace. Very Cool! London could do with a few more parties like this.

So I'm supposed to play in Poland this weekend. Sadly I heard on the news that the Polish president along with many others were killed in a plane crash last weekend and the country is having a week of mourning. I'm waiting to hear if my gig will go ahead or not. I will let you know as soon as I find out. God bless all those who died & their families.

It's going to take me a little while to get all the pages of my website updated properly so please bear with me ok!

Take care

Love Clodagh x


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